LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator – High Altitude

LTL Controllers is the known company that manufactures varieties of generators and controllers. Its product line includes environmental controller, CO2 controllers and CO2 generators, recycling timers and lighting controllers. You can choose from many variants available into each category. From its many most popular products, the LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator – High Altitude is part of this list.LTL-10-Burner-NATURAL-GAS-C

Features of LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator – High Altitude

1. Generator Type – There are 2 discrete kinds of LTL 10 Burner CO2 Generators available. One type operates using Propane and other Natural Gas.
2. Altitude – LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator can be chosen further between High Altitude and low altitude. High Altitude is useful for areas above 5,000 ft and Low Altitude works below 5,000 ft areas.
3. Energy source – The LTL 10 Burner CO2 Generator – High Altitude utilizes liquid propane to perform its function. Liquid propane can be stored in various sized pressured tank as per your requirements.
4. CO2 Supply – Anywhere between 6 to 27 Cubic Feet of CO2 per Hour can be supplied through this high altitude LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator.
5. Regulator  – The regulator can be directly connected to the portable propane tank to lessen the gas pressure while supplying CO2.
6. Hose – LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator comes with 12’ hose for tight connection and safety.
7. Burners – The burners are made of brass and come pre-installed in LTL 10 Burner Propane – High Altitude for offering you clean-burning.
8. Safety tip-over switch – This switch looks like a pendulum and automatically turns off the unit in case Propane CO2 Generator is placed tilted or falls.
9. Electronic ignition – This feature not only adds but doubles you and your plants safety. It has an electronic ignition with dual redundant solenoid valves. This eliminates the open pilot flame by providing consistent and controlled start.
10. Variable Output – LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator – High Altitude features variable burners that can be modified by you. It gives you the ability to activate and deactivate certain burners and makes the generator run with 2 burners, 6 burners, or all 10 burners. This versatile feature makes the generator capable to operate for varieties of grow room sizes.

Additional Tips on Using LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator – High Altitude

Below mentioned are some tips to keep in mind while using LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator.

  • Always store the Liquid propane in pressurized tanks. These tanks are available in different sizes for you to choose from. For gas pressure of 11” WC, always use large outdoor propane tanks.
  • Proper ventilation is must for LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator – High Altitude. Hang the unit at certain height that provides with enough air flow from the bottom. Improper ventilation leads to accumulation of CO2 levels, causing harm to you and your plants. Ideal CO2 levels for plants should be below 1500 PPM and for you 2000 PPM.
  • In High altitude CO2 Generator models, the burners are designed to work leaner and give lower CO2 output compared to low altitude models. This is because the lower amount of oxygen will not affect the proper and complete combustion of the fuel.

LTL 10 Burner Propane CO2 Generator – High Altitude comes with one year warranty. It includes all those unique features that will certainly benefit to your existing hydroponic system.