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LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude

LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude

The LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generators is available in low altitude (below 5,000 feet) and high altitude (above 5,000 feet) which can be chosen as per your preference. These generators produce CO2 which is vital for the plant’s health.

Plants and humans are co-related. Plants need carbondioxide and release oxygen and we breathe oxygen and release carbondioxide. For growing healthy plants, CO2 plays a very important role which cannot be negated in any way. If you are growing plants in a grow room, then LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude can be of very good help in delivering healthy yields all through the year. Read on to know how.

There are many gardeners who use propane as they are more effective and consume less fuel. Here are some of the features of LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude:

1. These generators come with proper regulator and hose that come with pre-installed four brass burners. These brass burners convert propane to carbon dioxide that are important for efficient plant growth. The pressure regulator maintains proper flow of fuel thereby preventing any overdosing.

2. The CO2 generator comes with dual solenoid valve that has a good responsibility to deal with. Their main duty is to release, dose, shut off etc. The dual solenoid valves come with a compact design that provides easy and rapid switching on with utmost safety and a lifelong support to your system. This is joined by electronic ignition module and a pilot valve that creates a spark that lights up the burners at a snap. When power is given, the ignition will deliver a spark to energize the solenoid. These features eliminate the use of an open pilot flame that can be risky. This feature makes the LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude twice as safe as other products in the market by delivering a steady ignition and start at all times.

3. When the propane burns, it will release a blue flame that will release a bi-product – CO2. This will result in release of heat and air equally, so make sure you are keeping the system in a good ventilated room. If you are using standard flourescent lights, don’t bother. Better switch it to high intensity discharge lights that are of good lumens and works well with your plants leaving no hot spots.

4. LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude is better than the bottle setup that though cheap at the initial stage can prove quite expensive with the coming times. The CO2 generator on the other hand tends to be a bit expensive but turns to be almost 4 times less expensive when compared with the bottle setup.

5. The LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude comes with a tip over safety switch that prevents any mishap. How? It automatically shuts down the fuel release in case the system inadvertently falls/tips off. The switch looks like a small pendulum and will turn off the unit if not placed properly on a level. You will find an automated LED light that will blink and give a warning in case the system shuts down. For instance, if the generator should fire within five times and if it doesn’t the Lock Out error LED will start blinking.

6. Lastly, you will find a hanging hardware kit that has the necessary tools in case you want to mount the system in a wall.

The LTL 4 Burner PROPANE CO2 Generator – Low Altitude works best for small grow rooms giving the plants the much required CO2 and you will see great results without asking much.

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