For every hydroponic system there is a need for a CO2 Air equipment, for controlling the level of CO2 in the grow boxes or grow tents or grow rooms. It is very essential to maintain the levels of CO2 in situations where the CO2 air goes high or when the CO2 air goes low.

The usage of this LTL CO2 Air has proven to have great benefits on the growth of the plants. The yields are also increased to a great amount when compared to the hydroponic system where the LTL CO2 Air is not used.

Features of LTL CO2 Air

Performance – The LTL controls of CO2 Air has the capacity to control the carbon dioxide within the area of plant growth at a rate of parts per million accuracy.

Sensor – There are two sensors used in the LTL CO2 Air. One is the NDIR CO2 sensor and another is the Light Sensor. The NDIR Co2 is highly accurate and the light sensors perform the function of letting the users know if there are any changes in the growing area. Both these sensors provide a remote combination sensor probe and they also function in resisting the EMI or EFI from the electronic ballasts.

Exhaust fan – The exhaust fan used in LTL CO2 Air can be increased or decreased by using an exhaust fan.

Power – The power needed to connect your CO2 device, compressed or generator is just the standard one for the LTL CO2 Air.

Photocell – The built-in photocell of the LTL CO2 Air operates during the daytime as well as the nighttime. It is activated throughout the day, that is, for 24 hours.

Convenient – The usage and the conduct of the LTL CO2 Air is convenient too. This is because the CO2 Air can be easily hooked up to the power source of an exhaust fan. The exhaust fan is controlled by a separate controller and it will make the CO2 air to automatically disable the CO2 production. All this while, the exhaust fan will be working so that the CO2 waste can be eliminated.

Warranty – The LTL CO2 Air has a warranty of 3 years

Apart from all these features that make up the LTL CO2 Air, it also has a recall system that enables the user to recall the minimum and maximum levels of the carbon dioxide.

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