LTL Element 1 – Environmental Controller

LTL Element 1 – Environmental Controller is a multi use device for your growing area. It is a useful device that maintains temperature and humidity while also operating a CO2 device and a nighttime device. Element 1 by LTL Controls is a perfect, affordable and budget conscious solution for your growing area.

LTL Element 1 – Environmental Controller features a highly precise solid-state temperature and humidity sensor. This sensor is designed to defend against EMI/EFI from electronic/digital ballasts. It also includes features such as:

  • The superior engineered circuit board
  • A heavy-duty and tough internal construction
  • The high-quality UL/CE listed components

All these features and components put together ensures your LTL Element 1 operates for years and years.

The LTL Element 1 – Environmental Controller is designed to control 1 cooling device (such as a fan) and either one humidifier or one dehumidifier. It can also operate 1 CO2 device that is activated only during the daytime and 1 nighttime device.

It is used to Control:

One Cooling Device such as fan and One Humidifier or Dehumidifer

The two dials are placed on the face of the LTL Element 1 to set temperature and humidity set points. The temperature dial is placed on the left and humidity on the right side. You can use temperature dial to set the maximum temperature for growing area and humidity dial to set desired humidity level.

If at all the temperature reaches or raises above the set point, this Environmental controller will activate the cooling device. This cooling device will remain on until the temperature goes 3 Fahrenheit below the set point. If the humidity levels falls or rises below or above the set point, this Environmental controller will activate humidity device (either Humidifier or Dehumidifer). It will remain activate until the level falls or rises by 5%rh from the desired point.

One CO2 Device

CO2 Device is inserted into the designated CO2 outlet on the controller. This CO2 outlet can be used for any other device that is compatible with these specifications. The inserted CO2 Device will remain on only during day time and will get deactivated when cooling device gets activated. This outlet does not give you any other control to regulate or monitor CO2.

One Nighttime Device

This Nighttime Device can be inserted into the designated nighttime outlet. It can be used for various types of devices that require power only at night. This outlet just powers on during night and does not give you any other control.

LTL Element 1 – Environmental Controller Comes With Three Operating Modes:


The LTL Element 1 – Environmental Controller offers 3 operating modes to offer you with maximum versatility and ease of use. The selection of any of these modes entirely depends on the types of devices that are connected to the controller. Press the select mode button on the face of controller to select your desired mode.

With LTL Element 1 you get a written manual with all instructions for easy usage. It also comes with one year warranty. Use this complete controller device and enhance your growing area.