LTL Element 2 – Environmental Controller

The LTL Element 2  offers you complete control of your growing area in hydroponics system. It has an ability to maintain temperature/humidity level and CO2 device and can also power on nighttime device. It includes the basic features of LTL element 1 and additionally includes many other unique features like display of the recorded temperature and humidity readings etc.52

Basic Features of LTL Element 2 – Environmental Controller

  • Extremely accurate solid-state temperature and humidity
  • Effectively holds CO2 device and light sensor
  • Comes in a superior quality engineered circuit board
  • Strong internal construction ensures durability
  • Premium UL/CE listed components that ensures years of operation.

Unique features of LTL Element 2 – Environmental Controller

1. LTL Element 2 – Environmental Controller has the ability to control the following devices. Moreover, it can also display the minimum and maximum recorded temperature and humidity readings.

  • 1 cooling device
  • 1 humidifier OR dehumidifier
  • 1 CO2 device or other daytime device that is controlled using a recycling timer
  • 1 nighttime device

2. LTL Element 2 – Environmental Controller includes 15 unique colored buttons on its front face to control all its functions. Pressing any button will display its function or current setting in the green LED window. Some buttons are designed to perform more than one task.

3. There are several small green LED lights placed on the front of this Environmental Controller. These are also called status indicator lights that light up to show the selected task when certain buttons are pressed.

4. It is capable to change the temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius settings by just pressing and holding both up and down arrow button for 2-3 seconds.

5. LTL Element 2 comes with adjustable photocell sensitivity. Press both the up and enter/reset button for 2-3 seconds to allow the current photocell setting displayed on the screen. Press up button to increase the sensitivity or down button to decrease the sensitivity. Use enter/reset button to lock the new or desired setting.

6. The nighttime outlet is designated to be used for various devices that require power only at night. This outlet simply powers on the device during night without providing any other control or setting.

7. It comes with CO2 timer that can be used as a standard daytime recycling timer.

8. LTL Element 2 – Environmental Controller includes error LED light. This intelligent feature monitors the temperature and humidity levels and alerts you if it finds any problem with the connected device. The small fluctuations and changes in temperature and humidity levels are detected by LTL Element 2. If the controller does not detects any change for an hour it will deactivate the affected output. It also alerts you by flashing the green Error LED light to indicate the particular problematic device. This safety feature eliminates any serious damage to your crops or other problems.

9. The external sensor should be placed in an area with good air movement and at a higher level preferably at plant height. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or under grow lights.

10. LTL Element 2 – Environmental Controller comes pre-programmed with the factory settings. However you can change and alter your desired settings whenever you want. Also, in future at any time you can reset this controller to its original factory settings as well.