LTL Humidity – Day/ Night Humidity Controller

Controlling the humidity is of utmost importance in hydroponics systems. It is essential for the health and general well-being of your plants. Plants deprived of enough humidity are more likely to dry out or get dehydrated for want of more water. Alternatively, over or too much of humidity can actually drown them, resulting in rot or decay. Hence, the main thing is that you have to constantly monitor and adjust the humidity levels inside your hydroponic system to ensure proper plant growth.

Actually, Humidity is nothing but the amount of water vapor present in the air. You can measure, regulate and control humidity using Day/ Night Humidity Controller.

The optimal humidity level should be in the range of 45-75% for vegetative growth. These levels can be achieved only when your grow lights are on which can be measured using Humidity Controller. If the air inside is warm, it results in more water retention, hence humidity levels can easily jump beyond the suggested 45-75%.

In High humidity, plants are unable to transpire or breathe. It may also cause condensation to form on your plants. This also creates perfect environment for mildew and nasty fungus to develop in your hydroponic systems. However, poor ventilation is the main cause of most fungal problems in hydroponics. Very high or low humidity levels also make pollination difficult. So the need for LTL Humidity – Day/ Night Humidity Controller. This effectively measures and control both day and night humidity.

Features of LTL Humidity – Day/ Night Humidity Controller

The LTL Humidity – Day/ Night Humidity Controller allows you to set separate Day and Night humidity levels. Several features included in this controller are as mentioned below:

  • This is a water-resistant humidity controller with a photocell built-in. Photocell will detect the ambient lighting level and activate day/ night modes accordingly.
  • The knobs make it convenient for you to adjust the settings. It also offers a quick visual confirmation of the current points you had just set.
  • LTL Humidity – Day/ Night humidity controllers can be used to control humidifier and dehumifier modes. This feature allows you to either decrease or increase the humidity level within the growing area.
  • This controller is water resistant but not water proof. So place it at a location where water does not comes in its contact.
  • It includes unique LED lights on the front of the controller. When setting any of the modes, after sometime, these LED lights will start flashing. Once the mode is set either of the humidifier (RH+ LED) or dehumifier (RH- LED) light will remain on and others will turn off.
  • It is equipped with a circuit breaker for preventing short circuit or over current situations.
  • In such situations, the circuit breaker will automatically shut down the unit.
  • It is suggested to install LTL Humidity – Day/ Night Humidity Controller at least 8 feet away from any other electronic devices that make too much noise such as electronic ballasts or ozone generator.
  • It comes with a full one year warranty.

LTL Humidity – Day/ Night Humidity Controller is a very useful device that will support in providing a healthy clean environment for your plants to bloom. With lots of good features, LTL Humidity Controller is a must buy product. Buy now and give your plants clean growing surrounding.