LTL Master 4 – Lighting Relay Controller

Using hydroponic systems for growing indoor fruits, vegetables and herbs is getting trendy. Because, first you want to eat healthy foods and second, limited outdoor space entails you to grow indoors. Hydroponics system along with those latest controllers to enhance and make your system fully automated will really boost your growth.

To fulfill these needs, there are various companies coming up with wide range of controlling units. Various types of hydroponic system’s environment controller, CO2 controllers, lighting controllers and many more are made available. Each type of controller has its unique key role to play into hydroponics. The details of lighting controllers and specifically LTL Master 4 – Lighting Relay Controller are core of this article.

The lighting controller is basically an intermediate that handles high amperage loads. This lighting controller is available to control single lights for home growers or more number of lights for commercial application. The standard amperage ratings can vary anywhere between 30A to 150A. The input voltage and light wattage determines the amperage rating. To control this power fluctuation, lighting controllers are used.

Why LTL Master 4 – Lighting Relay Controller Is Popular?

LTL Master 4 – Lighting Relay Controller makes it simple to control 4 HID lighting systems making all these four lights automated. To control these 4 lights, the controllers requires to be hardwired. Some of its features include the following:

  • LTL Master 4 – Lighting Relay Controller is the safest and easiest means to control a set up of 4 HID lights.
  • This controller has the ability to run maximum of four 1000W ballasts using either 120V or 240V power.
  • This controller is designed to manage maximum relay amperage of 30 amps.
  • It comes with a 120V trigger cable which can be connected to a 120V timing device.
  • This strong unit is built to withstand humidity and carries lengthy warranty.
  • The light controllers need to be hardwired so if you are unfamiliar with electric circuit and wirings, then it is suggested you consult a certified electrician to install this into your hydroponics system.
  • It comes with written instructions for you to set up and for ease of use. Preserve this instruction guide for future use.

It is very important for you to understand the LTL Master 4 – Lighting Relay Controller main power requirement, ballasts requirement and installation process for you and your plants safety.

For the lights to operate, you should provide the source of main power. Ensure that the main power connection must be rated for the amperage of the lights to be connected to the unit.

The ballasts used with LTL Master 4 – Lighting Relay Controller must be hardwired for the correct voltage. This means the main power with 240V requires ballast that operates at 240V power. If you are connecting ballast wired for 120V into the main power with 240V then this could result in damage of device or fire. Read the installation process carefully and if required consult an electrician as a precautionary measure, as after all you are dealing with electricity.