LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller

Grow lights are important components in your hydroponics grow system. It offers your plants with the correct amount of heat for healthy growth. If lights goes off your plants will probably die. To avoid this managing the power supply for lights is essential.

Many of you may be using a small wall timer as a light controller but it is not efficient enough to control your ballast. Though its wattage rating may look appropriate for your ballast, the built in small relay cannot handle the load of the ballast. Usually, ballasts strike with an inrush current rating up to 100 or more times than specified by its manufacturer. So to handle this type of heavy load, a lighting controller is necessary.

Today, the market is flooded with several varieties of lighting controller. So it is difficult for you to select one. Allow me to eliminate your problem by introducing the classy LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller.

Why is LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller popular?

LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller will allow full automation to your hydroponics grow system. It comes with capacity to control 8 HID grow lights with 1000w each and trigger cable to connect the timer. Your worry to monitor and control grow light gets abolished with the use of this amazing device. This master light controller is preferred amongst the users because of the following reasons:

  • The LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller is the safest and easiest means to keep your grows in safe environment
  • It is designed to control a collection of 8 HID lighting. Appropriate for large hydroponic systems.
  • This light controller has the potential to run maximum of eight 1000W ballasts using either 120V or 240V power. This unique capability saves your time and energy.
  • It is capable to handle maximum relay amperage of 50 amps
  • The 120V trigger cable is included which can easily be connected to a 120V timing device to take care of all your light controlling worries away. The 120V timer device is not included with this product and it should be bought separately.
  • If you are unaware about handling electrical wiring and circuits, it is advisable to consult a certified electrician for installing and before using this controller.
  • LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It contains the manual containing written instruction to guide you in understanding and installing the product. It is recommended to save this instruction guide for future reference.

LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller

Its Technical Specifications Are As Below:

  • Main Power Voltage- 120V Or 240V
  • Receptacle Type- Universal
  • Maximum Lighting Voltage- 8000W (1000w/Outlet)
  • Maximum Relay Amperage- 50amps
  • Operating Temperature Range- 0-99% (Non Condensing)
  • Minimum Relay Operation- 100000@Full Load

LTL Master 8 – Lighting Relay Controller is capable to handle 120V or 240V. But ensure that if the main power provided is 120V use 120V ballasts only. Using 240V could damage the device or can cause fire. The proper installation of this device will support to create the perfect indoor environment.