LTL Speed – Day/Night Fan Controller

Fan controller is useful device into hydroponics system. Hydroponics is growing plants indoor in a soil less base. Hydroponics system is preferred by both home growers and commercial growers. Hydroponics are designed in various shapes and sizes, from a grow box to grow room, to accommodate number of plants. It allows faster and larger plants grow that is up to two times faster than growing using soil. Hydroponics system is made using many components such as growing chamber, air and water pumps, reservoirs, circulation fans, grow lights and many more things.
Each hydroponic components support for better and bigger plants growth. All have its unique capabilities to perform their task. The fan installed provides cool atmosphere and smooth even air flow to the plants. However, it is also important to control the speed of the fan that gives either cool or warm surrounding. For this, LTL Speed – Day/ Night Fan Controller is created to tackle all your issues.

Features of LTL Speed – Day/ Night Fan Controller

  • This controller will adjust the speed of a connected fan based on the temperature of the room. Using the temperature knob you will have to set your desired temperature on the device. Then using the speed knob set the minimum operating speed of the fan. These both work in accordance with each other. If the temperature rises, the controller will increase the fan speed to minimize the temperature and vice versa.
  • It is a water-resistant fan speed controller but it is not a water proof device. Locate it at a place away or higher from the water.
  • The built in photocell also allows you to customize how the controller reacts to low temperatures depending on the time of the day. It also enables the green LED light to illuminate during day time and will turn off during night time.
  • It is designed to control only one fan that is capable of being controlled by variable speed Day/ Night Fan Controller.
  • It is equipped with a temperature sensor at the bottom of the fan controller in the protective plastic cage. For this sensor’s effective working keep the device away from direct sunlight and provide good air circulation in the surrounding.
  • LTL Speed – Day/ Night Fan Controller has a capability to shut down the connected fan completely if the temperature drops below 10 Fahrenheit from your set point.
  • It is efficient to operate in three different modes such as Continuous idle run mode, night low-temp mode and 24 hours low temp mode. You will have to manually adjust your desired set mode.
  • LTL Speed – Day/ Night Fan Controller comes with a circuit breaker for short circuit or over current situations. The circuit breaker will automatically shut off the device.
  • It comes with a full one year warranty
  • LTL Speed – Day/ Night Fan Controller is compatible and works great with an inline fan, including brush-less as well.
  • This easy to use device comes with a written manual instruction for further guidance.