LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer

The Recycling Timer is an important tool for your grow systems. First, it offers full automation to your existing system and next, it assists you in controlling other devices such as hydroponic pumps, exhaust fans, grow lights, etc. Mostly, all hydroponics system comes fully automated to support healthy plant growth. But the use of Recycling Timer will be added advantage to your already automatic system.

If you wish to buy one Recycling Timer, you will definitely face the problem of choice. Why? Because, today there are number of similar Timer products available in the market. To help you in sorting this problem, introduced here is the LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer.

The LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer is a multi-function recycling timer. It operates with complete exactness and is an entirely reliable device. Its many other features included are as below:

  • This multi-functional device works with an extreme accurateness, consistency, and preciseness to consider every individual second of your clock.
  • The LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer is essentially 2 separate timers, each can control 2 outlet devices.
  • It consists of 4 timer settings that are connected to 4 individual outputs. This beneficiary feature allows controlling 4 outputs at a time.
  • It is designed to activate any device like pumps, fans, Co2, lights, etc. at specific intervals
  • It’s both sets of timers i.e. timer 1 and timer 2 have on and off settings that is capable to control a pair of outputs. Each pair of outputs has a “normally open” or “normally closed” label. This allows you to use each timer as a reverse timer, meaning, you can operate 2 separate devices on opposite agenda for each timer.
  • This gives you the option to select the Day, Night, or 24 Hour mode for all your 24×7 controlling worries to vanish.
  • The built-in photocell will automatically respond to lighting level and will adjust day or night mode.
  • For your extra convenience and customization, LTL Stage 2 also allows you to rehearse scenarios like how the timers will react during power interruption.
  • It includes 13 buttons on the front of the timer to control all functions. On pressing any button, the green LED window on the stage 2 will display its function or current setting.
  • LTL Stage 2 comes pre-programmed with factory settings. You can change the same upon its arrival and at any time can reset it again to the original factory settings.

Tips on Using LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer

  • It operates on 120V power supply, so ensure that all devices that are connected have proper voltage
  • Devices should be connected to the controller using the designated outlet only, placed along the sides.
  • This device is neither water proof nor shock-proof. Hence, it is advisable to place it away from the water source and use proper voltage devices.
  • Heavy noise from ballasts or generators can damage LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer functioning so it is advisable to install it at least 8 feet away from these equipments.

This useful device comes with one year warranty and written manual, instructing you with the safety and operating guidelines.