LTL Stage 3 – Recycling & Lighting Timer

The timer plays a vital role in your hydroponic systems. It works on your behalf to control devices that are connected to it. It smoothly controls and ensures that your plants are given perfect grow surroundings. One such efficient device is the Stage 3 – Recycling & Lighting Timer from LTL.

LTL is a well known company offering various types of controllers for assisting your hydroponic systems. Its product line includes environmental controller, CO2 controller and generator, Recycling timers and lighting Relay controllers. Each product consists of more than one variant with unique features. Let me brief you more on its Recycling timers and its variants especially about LTL Stage 3 – Recycling & Lighting Timer.

Recycling timer allows connecting and controlling the connected device with utmost accuracy and preciseness. There are three types of Recycling timer offered by LTL.

1. LTL Stage 1 – Day/ Night Recycling Timer

2. LTL Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer

3. LTL Stage 3 – Recycling & Lighting Timer

Read on for more details about LTL Stage 3 – Recycling & Lighting Timer. The LTL Stage 3 is a multi-functional timer designed specifically for controlling 2 HID lighting, one output for recycling timer and one for a nighttime device. Some of its features are as given below:

  • It comes with total 4 outlets, of which each are designated for certain features on the controller.
  • The 2 outputs of the available 4 outputs are for HID lighting. Lights on output 1 and output 2 are designed to exclusively control lighting units up to a maximum of 1200W combined.
  • It contains unique safety feature i.e. external temperature sensor to accommodate these lights. This sensor constantly detects the temperature levels and automatically shut off the lights if the maximum temperature is reached.
  • During power fluctuations, you can set to control the cool-down period of the HID bulbs.
  • There will be a 30 second start up delay between the 2 lighting outputs to reduce high in-rush currents
  • It also features internal clock with a back up battery which ensures accurate timing even during power outages.
  • One recycling output is tied up to control either of pumps, fans or other devices that needs to turn on or off at certain intervals. It can be programmed to run during the Daytime, Nighttime, or 24 hours.
  • One night output functions exclusively for devices that needs to work only in nights like exhaust fan, etc.
  • It has an option to change temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice-versa.
  • LTL Stage 3 – Recycling & Lighting Timer arrives with pre-programmed factory settings, which can be changed as per your preference. In future if you want, you can reset it again to original default factory setting.
  • It comes with 15 colored buttons on the front of the stage 3 to control all its functions. Some buttons are designed to perform more than one function. On pressing the button, its function or current setting will get display on green LED window.
  • LTL Stage 3 – Recycling & Lighting Timer has a one year warranty and safety and operating instructions manual for support in installing and future use.