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LumiBar™ LED Strip Light

LumiGrow Lumibar LED Strip Light

Lighting is an essential element for plant growth. Plants uses light for a number of purposes and the crucial among them is for conducting photosynthesis. Plants kept outdoors are exposed to ample amount of natural lighting. But for plants grown indoors or for the hydroponics system of growing, artificial lighting should be provided. The LED, HID, HPS, MH and CFL lights are some of the lighting systems available in the horticulture market. LED plant lights are widely used nowadays.

LED lighting system is available in different models and sizes. The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light is one among them. These strip lights is suitable to be kept in less space areas. Because of its small size, it easily fits into anything. If kept inside a hydroponic grow box, it provides a lot of space to install the other equipment’s and also space for the user to move around inside the grow box.

Features of LumiBar™ LED Strip Light

1. Coverage Area – The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light has a maximum coverage area of 48 inches by 18 inches.

2. Spectral Control – High spectrum output is provided by the LumiBar™ LED Strip Light. The blue spectrum of lighting is between 450 to 475 nanometers and the red spectrum of lighting is between 625 to 660 nanometers wavelength. Apart from these there is full PAR coverage of 400 to 700 nanometer too and it promotes the process of photosynthesis. It helps the plants to convert this energy into food and enhances the quality growth. It also has a 3 channel spectral control knob that gives the plants the right balance of red, blue and white spectrum of lighting. The white spectrum of lighting also provides for a visible light which helps to inspect the plants thoroughly, asses the crop characteristics and watch the plants grow. The white lighting spectrum is also known as the View Mode because of its additional features.

3. Power Watt – The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light is a 5 watt super-flux LED that consumes less energy and provides optimum light output. Even at lower watts the performance of this LED strip light is the same as the high watts LED lights.

4. Durable – The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light provides a long lasting life. It is also awarded as the IP67 rated Waterproof Fixture and has a warranty of 5 years. This LED strip light also lasts 10 times more when compared to the fluorescent lighting system.

5. Environmental friendly – The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light emits light without harming the environment, plant and plant surroundings or the users. These lights are RoHS compliant and Mercury free. They are not only environmental friendly but also economical. The costs involved in using the LumiBar™ LED Strip Light is less compared to the other lighting systems.

6. Automatic – The functioning of the LumiBar™ LED Strip Light is automatic. They are also compatible with automated control systems. That is, there is an auto-switching mode of Smart Volt and you can adjust the power supply with a regulator. The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light has an operating frequency of 50 Hz to 60 Hz. You can set the light intensity and color ratio of the strip light according to the different stages of the growth life cycle of the plants.

7. User friendly – The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light is not only automatic but user friendly too. There is no need for disposing and replacing the toxic fluorescent tubes, there is no need for custom configuration and there are no problems of degradation.

8. Specifications – The dimensions of the fixture is 2-7/8″W x 48-3/4″L x 3″H (73 mm x 1238 mm x 76 mm) and the weight is 7 lbs or 7,2 kg. The dimensions of the Controller are 8-1/2″W x 6-1/4″L x 7-3/4″H (216 mm x 159 mm x 197mm) and the weight is 3 lbs or 1.4 kg.

9. Warranty – Being a product of the LumiGrow, The LumiBar™ LED Strip Light has a 5 year warranty as mentioned above. There is a 24*7 online support system for any doubts or queries regarding this strip light. All the more, the LumiBar™ LED Strip Light requires only very little maintenance when compared to the other lighting systems.

Not only in grow systems, the LumiBar™ LED Strip Light are also used for Multilayer production of seedlings and young plants, controlled chambers, vertical farms, indoors farms, inter-lighting, plant research and many more. For further details and to know more about the LumiBar™ LED Strip Light, please log on to the following website:

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