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Magic Herb Dryer Box & Cabinets Review

Magic Herb Dryer – 5-10 Plant Drying Box

Once your herbs are fully grown, the next step is to put it in a dryer for drying the herbs. There are different varieties and models of herb dryers available in the market. The Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box is one such herb dryer. Now we will discuss on the features of the Magic Herb Dryer  – 12 Plant Herb Drying Box and other areas such as Magic herb dryer review, warranty etc.

Features of Magic Herb Dryer Box – 12 Plant herb drying box

  • Dimensions – The Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box has the dimension of 24” x 24” x 20” inches. That is, 24 feet Tall by 24 feet Wide by 20 inches Deep.
  • Capacity – The Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box is divided into three shelves and has the capacity to house up to 12 plants.
  • Ease of operation – The Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box is easy to operate. Once your plants are fully grown you can simply put them into the Magic Herb Dryer and it provides for quick and easy drying process.
  • Outtake fans – There are 3 outtake fans fitted into the top of the Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box. Each fan is of 120 mm and runs at a 60 cfm to perform the function of pushing the air out. This also provides for carbon filter protection.
  • Carbon Filters – The Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box is also equipped with carbon filters that adhere to the properties of stealth. The carbon filters ensure that the unpleasant odor is retained within the herb dryer and doesn’t escape it. So the unpleasant smell that usually occurs while drying your herbs is not an issue with the Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box. It provides ease of use to the hydroponic plant growers.
  • Carbon Protected Slit – There is a carbon protected slit provided at the lower area of the Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box. This performs this function of in taking fresh air and also provides carbon filter protection.
  • Fully automated – You will get your Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box delivered completely automatic and ready to use. It is user-friendly and all you have to do is switch on.
  • Lockable Latches –  Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box has lockable latches that makes the herb dryer safe and protected from any external irregularities.
  • Shipping – Within 5 days of placing the order for the Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box, you will get your product delivered. Also free shipping is provided to all the customers in the United States. There are also offers during the peak season.
  • Warranty – A lifetime warranty is provided for the Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box.

To place an order for the Magic Herb Dryer – 12 Plant Drying Box to dry your herbs, click on the following website: http://www.dealzer.com/magic-herb-dryer.html

Magic Herb Dryer – 5-10 Plant Drying Box

Frequently Asked Questions – Magic herb drying box

How does the Magic herb drying box work for me?

The Magic herb drying box or cabinet benefits your plants by giving it a big spacious environment to dry slowly but steadily. For those who are a fresher, it is necessary to dry plants vertically rather than horizontally as it can crush the plants. The herb drying box has been designed in a way to look like normal cabinets which makes it a perfect home decor in office or home. Many of the herb dryer box come with hanging rods to speeden up the drying process which is quite favored as per many Magic herb dryer box reviews. A wonderful addition to your growing hobby, herb drying box gives you best drying experience and better yields than traditional gardening methods.

Is it possible to make your own DIY herb dryer box?

Of course, there are many sites such as gardenista.com or architectureartdesigns.com etc. that gives you ideas to build and dry your own herb drying box using home accessories.

Should I buy a fan for the herb drying box that I ordered?

Only if you are doing a DIY. If you are ordering a herb drying box/cabinet from online such as the Magic herb dryer box, then exhaust fan, circulation fans etc. are already included in the package.

Where can I purchase a Magic herb drying cabinet online?

There are many websites online that sell quality herb curing box/cabinets at an affordable price. Some of the Magic herb dryer boxes come with warranty and customer service depending on the brand you opt.

Why do I need carbon filter in my herb drying cabinet?

If you are planning to maintain a stealth herb drying box, then trust me you need a carbon filter. You need not let everyone know what you are growing. The carbon filter in the herb drying cabinet will help you to grow plants without revealing the odor to the outside world. So everytime you open the herb drying cabinet you will get a whiff of clean crisp neutral air.

Is Magic Herb dryer box available for free shipping?

Yes, Magic Herb Dryer  box’s official website provides FREE SHIPPING when you are ordering magic herb dryer box. The product comes with a lifetime warranty and customer service in case of any replacement of spare parts or any queries regarding growing indoors.

How are the Magic herb dryer box reviews from people? Are they good?

There are only few magic herb dryer box reviews but from what I have found online they seem to be quite genuine and real. Many people say that the product really works as claimed but the only downside is the price that tends to be a tad bit on the expensive side. Otherwise the product is one of the best for drying your herbs and providing a durable home for your precious plants.

how to make herb drying boxes at home?

A very common question among beginners and those who have a tight budget is how to make herb drying boxes at home. The price for some of the herb drying boxes can be steep and you can actually make these dryers at home. Check out this below video for more information

whats the difference between a herb drying rack and a Box

A rack is usually a shelf to store and dry the herbs. You can have multiple racks in a box dryer or you can have a single box itselfe. The design enables most herb drying racks to dry more herbs than a normal box. The design may enable you to have better quality of dried herbs and it may vary from box and racks.

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