Marijuana grow box carbon filter

Marijuana grow box with carbon filter can filter any odor that is generated inside the chamber and this enhances the stealth element of these stealth grow boxes. Carbon filters are considered to be the best option when it comes to treatment of smell in the grow chamber. Carbon filters work on the principle where the smell is passed through the filter where it is absorbed by the activated carbon which then treats the smell and passes it out through the exhaust. There are also other alternatives for the treatment of the smell but the most effective would be the carbon filtering system. The other alternatives include odor neutralizers and air filters. There are some important things which should be taken into consideration when fixing a carbon filtering system.Super-Box---Hydroponic-Grow

  • Exhaust size: The exhaust fan size is a crucial factor which has to be noted when fitting the filter. The filter size should fit exactly with the exhaust fan as this enables the complete treatment of the smell which is formed inside the chamber.
  • CFM: The CFM aspect is very important as this decides the efficiency of the filtering system. The CFM rating of the filter should be less than the exhaust fans rating as this enables the complete treatment of the smell. The filter needs the complete air to be passed through the filter where the activated carbon treats the smell, For this to happen, the fan has to be strong to propel the air at that velocity and so the link between the fan and the filtering system is very important.
  • Exhaust: Exhaust is an integral part of the filtering system as the treated air should be efficiently channeled out of the whole system which helps in successfully treating the air and the smell that is released by the marijuana plants.

Advantages of a carbon filter system

  • Easy maintenance: The main advantage of the carbon filtering system is that it is easy to maintain once it is built in and setup.
  • Lasting: The whole system is so durable that it stands for a long time once it is built as the carbon has a long life when it comes to the purification purpose.
  • Effective: Activated carbon has the potential to treat even the most pungent odors that can be released inside the grow chamber. The carbon absorbs the entire odor and then neutralizes it with the properties of carbon.
  • Carbon filters are the best option for the treatment of the odors that is generated inside the grow chamber. There are many other options in the form of air fresheners and odor neutralizers but they are clearly not as efficient as the carbon filters. Odor neutralizers and air fresheners can be the best option when it comes to dealing the odor outside the grow box and when combined with the carbon filters, this can prove to be near complete efficient. Marijuana grow box carbon filter is one of the main factors in increasing the stealth factor of grow boxes as growing marijuana has many risks involved.


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