X Nutrients – Flushing Solution

X Nutrients flushing solution is to help in the pre harvest flushing process in a hydroponics grow system. Flushing is the process of washing the plants inside out. All the nutrients and other minerals that we feed on the plants do not get used fully. The plants take only as much they want and the unused salts and nutrients remain in the plant’s system. When the nutrients stay in the plants, it can cause a taste difference while consuming them. So for vegetables, herbs, and fruits a pre-harvest flushing is done. By flushing all the excess nutrients and salts that are stuck inside the various parts of the plants and fruits are carried out.

Flushing with X Nutrients Flushing solution (5 Gallon)

The X Nutrients Flushing solution is a helping hand in the flushing process. It is typically done with pure plain water. Adding the flushing solution helps attach the salts easily and drain them out of the plant system. The best time for a pre harvest flushing with this Flushing solution from X nutrients is a week before.

One week prior to the harvesting, drain the water reservoir and clean it and refill it with clear plain water. Add 15 ml of the X Nutrients flushing solution to it and mix well. Do not use any other nutrients or supplements. When the flushing solution is mixed well run the hydroponic system for about 8 hours minimum. Later drain the water out. Refill the reservoir with only plain water. After a few days repeat the same process and fill the reservoir with clear water until harvest.

In a soil system, fill the container or the growing medium with more water than its capacity and runs the water for a while or use the water mixed with the X nutrient flushing solution for regular watering. Use the same quantity of water as before for watering and remember use the flushing solution mixed water for watering the plants every time.

How often should we use the Flushing with X Nutrients Flushing solution (5 Gallon)

People use the flushing solution for every water change and that helps maintain the nutrient availability and better usage as well. It also helps avoid salt deposition in the plants. But it is better helpful when used as a pre-harvest flush. This will ensure that there are no excess nutrients or salts in the plants and since the plants have attained maturity there is no need for adding nutrients. The not using of nutrients and flushing keeps the plants healthy and prevent any nutrient burn. If the plants show any curling of leaves or leaf spots, then it could be an indication of nutrient burn and using the X Nutrients Flushing solution (5 gallon) during a water change will help rectify the damage and promote healthier growth.

More Information on Flushing with X Nutrients Flushing solution (5 Gallon)

The water pH also plays a role in the flushing process and so does the ppm. The pH should be not more than 6.0. Use RO water for flushing process as it has 0 ppm and increase the effectiveness of the flushing. For vegetables start the flushing process 2 weeks prior to harvest. The 5 gallon bottle of X Nutrients Flushing solution will last for a longer time for a small scale gardening. For commercial growers it is sufficient for most of the crops harvest. It is also available in packs of 1 quart, 1, 2, and 2.5 gallons as well.