X Nutrients Grow Nutrients (5 Gallon)

The nutrients are the food for the plants. They need it at every stage of their life to grow, to be healthy and for everything. Each growth stage needs special kind of nutrients. In hydroponic system, the most important stage is the vegetative growth stage, where the younger plants are fed to be grown into larger plants. X Nutrients Grow nutrients is the real food for the plants that are in the vegetative stage. They need to grow bigger, have string stems to carry the weight of the yield in the end, should have green leaves and correct intermodal length. Any deficiency in any trace element may reflect bigger and affects the end result. It is the same as caring for a baby and whatever he gets in this tender age reflects in its future.

Ingredients in the X Nutrients’ Grow nutrients (5 gallon)

The X nutrient’s Grow nutrients are loaded with all the necessary elements and the trace elements needed by the plants to grow. The mix is simple and effective. The nutrients are all in an easily absorbable form. Trace elements are added in very small quantity, only as they are needed. The nutrients present in the X nutrients Grow nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorous, potash, magnesium, sulfur, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. The micro nutrients boron is also present in the Grow nutrients.

The NPK (Nitrogen, phosphorous, potash) ratio in the grow nutrients is 1.6, 2.1 and 5.5 respectively. Potassium is the much needed nutrient needed for the vegetative growth. They are known as the macro elements in the nutrients which are more important than others. Each macro nutrient plays its role in the growth of the plants. Some have multiple roles and does their job seriously.

Usage Directions for X nutrient’s Grow nutrients (5 gallon)

The X nutrients Grow nutrients (5 gallon) are suitable for all kinds of planting systems, hydro or soil. The measured quantity is the same for both the types. The general dosage is to mix 15 ml of the Grow nutrient per gallon of water. For soil systems, mix in the same quantity and discard the unused nutrient solution. It should not be stored and reused, so, for soil system mix only as much as needed.

As for the frequency of usage of the X nutrients Grow nutrients, in hydroponics use the grow nutrients during each water change in the reservoir for the stipulated weeks of the vegetative growth. For soil grow systems, use the grow nutrients with every watering schedule.

Prior to mixing, check the water pH and adjust it to 5.5.-6 if needed, this will help the plants to absorb the nutrients faster. No premix in a small quantity of water is required for Grow nutrients. It can be added directly to the reservoir. It is preferred to keep the water pump running so that the mixing is faster. Oxygenated water is preferred while mixing the nutrients.

X nutrients Grow nutrients are made with high quality compounds for better efficiency and to bring out the full potential of the plants. The quality of the nutrients determines the health of the plants and the quantity in the end. X nutrients Grow nutrients can assure both these factors.