X Nutrients Micro Nutrients (5 Gallon)

Micro nutrients are the elements needed by the plants in smaller quantity but are highly essential. A slight alteration in their levels can cause deficiencies. X Nutrient’s Micro Nutrients are the perfect solution in a hydroponics system to rectify any micro nutrient deficiency as well as to prevent it. The micro nutrients take part in a major role on the crop production and its potency. The need to add micro nutrients into the soil arises with the fact that they get deteriorated over the time and by the plants’ usage. They need to be added frequently for the plants’ benefit. It is like a supplementary addition for soil system and a necessity in the hydroponics.

The X Nutrient’s Micro Nutrients (5 gallon)

The X Nutrient’s Micro Nutrients is formulated with the most essential micro nutrients needed by the plants. They are calcium, nitrogen, potassium, and iron. These elements are added as they are high quality compounds that are easy for the plants to accept. The X Nutrient’s Micro Nutrients is the one part in the two part nutrients and these Micro nutrients are used as an additional ingredient along with the X Nutrient Bloom nutrients or grow nutrients during their respective period of use. The other needed nutrients come from them and Micro Nutrients provides the additional but relevant elements only.

Importance of the X Nutrient’s Micro Nutrients (5 gallon)

The ingredients in the X Nutrient’s Micro Nutrients (5 gallon) have its own importance. They are needed to enhance a particular growth part and the plants cannot perform that task without their presence. It contains a better percentage of nitrogen- 3.3% than in the Bloom or Grow nutrients. There is also the presence of calcium and iron. Potash is also added as a supplementary element.

  • Nitrogen is needed by the plants for amino acid production, cell division and most essentially the vegetative growth. It has direct involvement with photosynthesis and helps in the carbohydrate production. It also takes part in the energy reaction.
  • Potassium is needed for the carbohydrate production, fruit formation, and protein synthesis. It helps improve the seed and fruit quality and promotes winter hardiness of them. There is an increase in disease resistance, photosynthetic rate, and water usage efficiency when there is more available potash for the plants.
  • Calcium is utilized by the plants for continuous cell formation and division. It is also involved in nitrogen production, respiration, nut development, increasing the fruits and in transporting the photosynthetic results from the leaves to the other parts and to the fruiting parts. There is 5% of calcium in the X Nutrient Micro Nutrients.
  • Iron plays a very small but vital role. It promotes the formation of chlorophyll, the heart of the photosynthesis and also does the duty as oxygen carrier. It also takes part in cell division and growth of the plants. The X Nutrient Micro Nutrients has iron in 0.06% and it is in the chelated form.

Mix 15 ml of X Nutrient Micro Nutrients per gallon of water and always use it along with Grow and Bloom nutrients to make a balanced diet. Remember to add it with every water change in the hydroponics reservoir and use in all the watering for the soil medium. It is available in quarts, 1, 2.5, or 5 packs and also in 15, and 55 gallon cans. The 5 gallon pack will be sufficient for a large scale grower to last for a year or so.