Open Triple X2 Reflector (3 pack)

The Open Triple X2 reflector does not have a covering glass or the air cooling tube or other related facilities. The reflector serves the sole purpose of proper light reflection so that the growing plants receive equal lighting all over. The Open Triple X2 reflector (3 Pack), as the name suggests is a pack with 3 reflectors. It comes at a rebated price and is mainly used for larger grow tents that need more number of lighting systems. A reflector is not a compulsory accessory but it is necessary in the case of larger plants that grow wide and the reflector can redirect the light rays that go upwards, towards the plant and thereby increase its efficiency.

Features of Open Triple X2 reflector (3 Pack)

  • The Open Triple X2 reflector (3 Pack) is made of steel and has aluminum hammertone in the inner surface for light reflection. All the four sides of the interior has the reflective surface so that no light rays escape.
  • The square shaped reflector provides large footprint and wider light distribution.
  • Most important feature of Open Triple X2 reflector (3 Pack) to note is that there is no glass covering or air circulation inside it. Ducting cannot be done to this reflector as it is an open reflector where the heat is not treated separate and is passed on to the environment.
  • Louvered openings are provided to eliminate the heat produced by the light.
  • The light socket is suitable for both metal halide and HPS lamps. There are reflectors that allows only one type of grow bulb to be used in them but the Open Triple X2 reflector does not fall in that category and is flexible.
  • The light base E39 of the Open Triple X2 reflector can accommodate the HID lamps from 250-1500 watts.
  • The Open Triple X2 reflector can be used with any standard ballast system and a 15’ cord is pre-wired with it for plug-in to any brand of ballast.
  • The total dimensions of the Open Triple X2 reflector is 35” long, 27.6” wide and 10.2” height.
  • The Open Triple X2 reflector (3 Pack) contains 3 triple x2 reflectors in a single pack. The price is highly economical and can save over $100 with this pack. The flexibility to use with any of the HID grow lights makes it a favorite.

Drawbacks of Open Triple X2 reflector (3 Pack)

The only drawback is the lack of in-built cooling facility but that may be rectified by providing an efficient cooling system externally and using the circulatory fans effectively. The lack of a closed cooling system is both a boon and a bane for the plants. The lack of covering makes sure that there is no loss in the intensity of the light but the heat energy makes it difficult to fix it closer to the plants. The rising temperature may affect the humidity inside the grow space that can harm the plants. Make sure to have all the cooling facilities before zeroing in on to the Open Triple X2 reflector.