Want to bond with nature and reap benefits rather than sitting idle at your home after a tiring day!! Get your heels off and walk into your garden for a healthy workout along with nature. Grow life and grow with them.

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Get The Scoop on gardening as an exercise Before You’re Too Late read through these sections to discover more

  • Digging in the garden for a better health
  • Untold Health benefits you can achieve from gardening
  • How can you use gardening as an exercise
  • How to set up a healthy environment around you
  • I guess nobody wants to be unhealthy and there is nothing as refreshing as gardening. So what are you waiting for?

Most of us have an awesome lifestyle from having high pay cheques to centrally cooled office spaces. To add more we decorate our lively homes with posh furniture, artifacts and almost all the trendy items you can get on this planet. Yeah!! What more does one need? It’s like we have almost everything. We can just shop for anything from the grocery store and pile it up or run around the sky high shopping malls and grab every expensive item out there. Life is just cool isn’t it? In short we have anything and everything other than being healthy. But for that we just make a simple rule and that is to hit a gym and sort out those health issues. Does it really get sorted out? Do you visit the gym regularly?

Credits: http://intermountainhealthcare.org/

Credits: http://intermountainhealthcare.org/

Well the fact is that the health issues are neither sorted out nor do we hit the gym regularly because we are all short of time. We have time only to be busy and earn money and later sit and nag about health issues.

Basically there are no stead fast rules that one person ought to live like this or that but it would be good if we put in some quality time for our health. According to certain studies most of the people who live a sedentary lifestyle are prone to depression and stress related ailments on a large scale. Yet we choose to move on the same path without making any changes. Is that a good approach? Well, no. We need to change everything to feel the change in us. We need to connect with the nature and our body in a holistic way. A 20 minute power walk in a treadmill doesn’t give me the same mental satisfaction as that of which we can get from a walk in the nearby woods. So why don’t we just walk out of the concrete buildings and look around for the answers from nature.

Recently many have taken up gardening as an exercise and even some corporate giants are conducting gardening workshops within their firms to improve employee health and well being. Gardening can be more than a hobby if taken up seriously.

Digging in the Gardening for a healthy body

Nature has its own healing qualities and provides tranquility to those who seek its care. Gardening is one of the methods through which we can connect or bond with nature and enjoy the feeling of bliss as well as get amazing physical benefits. You will be flexing your muscles around your legs, buttocks, arms, and tummy without your knowledge by just indulging in gardening. Many tasks are involved in a gardening process which actually helps burn calories.

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Untold list of health benefits you can achieve through gardening

Reduced Stress levels

Spending time with nature is always said to relive stress and this was proved in a study conducted in Netherlands which indicated that people who undertook gardening activities had greater relief from their stress levels than those who indulge in other activities. Those who had undergone gardening activities had a decrease in the level of the stress hormone cortisols compared to others. After having a stressful day at office what would give you a better relief; watching a movie on a big home theater or sitting in your lawn with your pets and kids.

Toned body

Gardening if practiced on a regular basis can be considered as an exercise routine which not only helps you to harvest fresh produce but also helps you to achieve a well toned body as you keep flexing your muscle groups around your legs, buttocks, arms and tummy. Gardening involves a combination of various tasks starting from sowing to harvesting and while doing all these processes, you tend to gain toned muscles.

Reduced risk of obesity

Gardening is healthy hobby which helps to ward off unwanted fats. Even though it doesn’t offer a high intensity work out effect it does provide a moderate level of physical activity which is enough to burn ample calories. Hanging out in the garden with your work on a daily basis helps you to cut off the extra pounds gained.

Reduces risk of ailments

Gardening involves physical movements of your body in a healthy way that will help you to prevent the onset of ailments like cardio diseases, high blood pressure and even osteoporosis.

A good companion at latter stages

Gardening is a good companion for elderly people who feel isolated and separated from social lives due to ailments and health issues. Working in the garden will make their minds relaxed. My grandpa used to say that watching a growing plant is like inducing life in one’s own mind as it gives a positive vibe to its surroundings.

Fresh and nutritious produce

You will get to eat freshly picked fruits and vegetables which are not only delicious but also fully packed with nutrients. Mostly you eat fruits and veggies which you buy from the local stores which would have lost majority of its nutrient values by the time it reaches you. Growing green leafy veggies like spinach is a very easy job; actually you don’t have to do anything at all than sowing the seeds. You can freshly pick them and cook without losing its folate content.

Healing with nature

Nature actually helps in healing process and in studies it was proved that those patients who had a clear view of greenery outside their hospital windows had a faster rate of recovery than those who had just painted walls to look at.

Increased Immunity 

In a study conducted by neuroscientist Christopher Lowry it was found that certain strains of soil bacteria actually helps in strengthening our immune system. So gardening not only helps you to eat a healthy produce but also helps to boost your immune system by strengthening it.

Improves mood

Spending time with nature by means of gardening or any other activity is known to be a good mood enhancer. It helps to ease yourself from worries and tensions by capturing your senses by its beauty.

You’ll never be short of Vitamin D

Walking around the garden and doing various tasks helps to get you in touch with the sun rays directly. This exposure helps your body to produce vitamin D which is very useful for your bones and immune system.

Gardening as an exercise

Before doing any kind of exercise, it is very necessary to do a warm up. Likewise, it would be ideal if you stretch your muscles for around 5 minutes before you hit the garden. If you do your yard work daily for about 30 minutes then it can actually be a beneficial workout than going to the gym. Using the least possible machinery items during tasks would help you to burn more calories and flex your muscles. Without using machineries the tasks may seem to take much longer time but using manual items like lawnmowers, sickles and trimmers would provide a great deal of workout like that of a gym. Keep changing your positions and tasks alternatively so that you can maintain a constant speed to increase your heart beat level.

  • Raking and carrying fallen leaves can help to tone arm muscles and increase its strength. This requires the same effort as you would while having a bicycle ride.
  • Trimming plants and shrubs are equivalent to a brisk walk.
  • Carrying bags of compost or soil from one place to another is like doing squats with weights. If you try to do this in a moderate pace it will help you to strengthen you butts and tummy muscles.
  • Weeding requires a lot of bending and doing this will help you to lose those stubborn pot bellies.
  • Chopping logs and woods will help to get an overall muscle endurance and stamina as time passes. This type of work makes your whole body to move.
  • You also doing pushups if you’re moving lawnmowers or waste containers. Gardening requires you to push something or the other here and there so it’s more like your working out simple exercise without you being aware of it.
  • Clearing bushes and stacking piles of woods are more like attending aerobic classes.

According to study conducted by a group of Koreans, it was found that gardening provides moderate to high intensity work out benefits. I think high or moderate depends on the way one does gardening tasks. Whatever be the pace of work, you are surely going to tone your body and burn calories in a steady state if not more. Not only can you reap health benefits but also get nutritious produce for a healthy diet which is free of toxins.
Set up a healthy environment around you and practice gardening

  • Having green plants and colorful buds around your house gives a feast to your eyes. It also helps to develop better qualities like calmness in you as well as keep you fresh. Having a sip of coffee in the morning and walking around the garden is like a heavenly feeling which you won’t get anywhere else. It will help to start your day fresh and keeps you going.
  • Planting shrubs and trees which gives out aromatic scents is a great boon. After all you can smell fresh air with a flavor in it rather than breathing in the polluted air.
  • Growing spices and useful medicinal plants can help you to cook better dishes as well as get rid of ailments using home remedies.
  • Make a place where you can sit with your family and enjoy the sound of the birds chirping around and the rustling of the leaves.
  • By doing all the above you will be inviting lot of birds and small animals which will allow you to live in a serene environment compared to a concrete one.
  • Having such an atmosphere around your house will surely make your life wonderful without any stress and tensions.

Wrapping up:

Gardening can be more than a hobby and made into an exercise routine if practiced daily. I am not sure whether it would provide a high intensity work out effect but it does give you a lot of benefits. You can actually stay free from many ailments just by doing some tasks in your backyard or any free space where you can do gardening. Gardening is a very healthy exercise routine which can be practiced by all age groups and genders without any side effects or problems. The more you spend time with nature and soil the more will be your inner calmness and strength. Gardening not only gives you physical stamina but also mental strength as you watch the plants grow and produce. There is no doubt that gardening can do wonders for your health and mind keeping you evergreen always.