Gardening Ideas

Do-It-Yourself Wall Garden Ideas

Wall gardening has become a craze and a convenient method of gardening that does not need wide ground area. Since the garden is made on the walls, it can set up in any office or home that has very less space. The wall gardens make the walls look green so they are also called Green […]


Indoor Plant growing hydroponic system

Indoor plant growing┬áis a hobby as well as a necessary. When there is no space outside to grow plants, people are forced to set up indoor gardens. There are many types of indoor gardening like hydroponics grow system, aeroponics, superponics etc. From fully automated big grow boxes to cheap do-it-yourself grow rooms and simply planting […]

Gardening Tools

Garden Supplies Hanging Baskets

Viva Self-Watering Hanging Basket Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Hanging baskets/pots are a very convenient and easy way to save space for the flower pots. The self watering hanging baskets/pots with reservoir are such a blessing. Hanging storage baskets are a decoration to balconies, patios, and windows. The beautiful and colorful foliage […]