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Plasma grow lighting for indoor growing

Rocket Plasma Grow Light System, 120V/240V

Looking for the perfect grow light for growing indoors? Here’s Plasma grow lighting that revolutionizes the whole perspective of using LED grow lights for your own hydroponic system.

Getting good grow lights is as important as the hydroponic system as the growth of your plants depends on the grow lights that emit natural day light in your own grow room. With many competitors in the market for grow light such as HPS, MH or LED, its hard to choose one that goes best with your plants.

Plasma grow lighting for indoor growing is one of the advanced products that have hit the market. It offers the fullest spectrum that can be seen with any grow light. If you have been using different grow lights such as MH, LED etc., you should know the benefits of Plasma grow lighting.

How does Plasma grow lighting for indoor growing work?

It is quite a special kind of grow light that gives you a complete spectrum for your grow light. Though there are many products in the market, they haven’t kept their promises and often fall short on expectations. Another thing is the price that comes with $3000 + which makes people unwilling to take the risk.

Plasma grow lights uses electromagnetic induction without the use of electrode or filament. This helps in producing fantastic beams of lights thereby delivering wider spectrum to your plants recreating the sunlight. With the help of coupling induction from the electromagnetic field, a burst of electron fills up the chamber. This creates a plasma state which emits UV rays that hits the bulb creating light which can seen through naked eyes. However, you can see only 3% of the complete light whereas the rest is given to the plants efficiently thereby leaving no hot spots in your indoor growing room.

What are the benefits of plasma grow lights?

There are myriad benefits of plasma grow lights while used for indoor growing. Let’s check some of them.

A complete spectrum:

The intention of using grow lights is to grow healthy plants thereby getting happy precious babies all through the year. This means a full spectrum of light at all areas of your grow room which includes corner areas. Many people have switched to LED grow lights but to be honest you also lose some of the spectrum in this process which needs additional equipment’s such as reflector.

With the plasma grow lights, these things are absolutely eliminated as you will be getting a complete spectrum. This is not a mere exaggeration but a true fact as it helps the plants to grow easily without having you to worry about frequently switching/changing to different grow lights during different phases of plant growth.

Many people use plasma grow lights along with a combo of other grow lights such as LED, MH or HPS but you need not follow this. But if you feel that you need other grow lights, you can use couple of grow lights that will focus on the darker areas of the grow room.

Less energy bills:

When you are growing indoors for first time, you may have to loose the purse strings a little bit more as the budget can shoot up if you are not vigilant. Think about the cost of setting up hydroponic system, installing the grow lights, ventilators, nutrient kits etc. and many more. But at least you can save a bit when you are using plasma on energy.

When you compare plasma grow lights with other lights, it can really slow down your energy bills upto 50% which helps you very much on the long run.

Climate in the grow room:

The Plasma grow lighting for indoor growing operates quietly without making noise but is equally powerful. They also emit very less heat when compared to other grow lights. You probably don’t know but the temperature/climate can really make an impact on the growth of your plants. If you don’t want withered plants, then plasma grow light is best suited for you.

Since they operate on less heat, you can place it safely with other grow lights say, HPS lights for instance. It also curbs good amount of space that is wasted on unnecessary ventilation systems that are not only costly but are very much large that might eat up your space.

What’s the price:

Cost is a factor that affects many especially those who are on a tight budget. The plasma grow lights start with a price above $1,000 which make people either think twice or entirely ignore the product. Now that its in the open, it can be honestly said that plasma grow lights are definitely a worth a pick when you actually understand the features they provide. They are much more durable than other grow lights making it a worthy product in all ways.

Final word, I would just like to say that conventional grow lights are a good option in every way and can be included in the grow tent. Just like the LED lights, the newborn plasma grow lighting for indoor growing can offer exactly what your plants desire though you need to shell out a few bucks. But think of the money you will be saving on the extra fittings that can be get rid of when you solely buy plasma grow light that goes great with indoor growing. If you feel this product is worth a try, go ahead and take the plunge.

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