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How plasma grow lights work

Are you wondering how plasma grow lights work for you? Then this article is for you. Though many grow lights are butting heads to be number one which of course includes LED plant lights, there is a silent yet powerful product known as the plasma grow lights that are currently topping the charts of best grow lights in the market.

If you are using HID grow bulbs or LED grow lights, then you need to understand how switching to plasma grow lights can work for you. For that you need to know what plasma grow lights are.

Using state of the art features, the plasma grow lights work without any electrodes or filament and come with electromagnetic induction. This is one of the best ways of lighting your plants. They give you a complete spectrum of lighting that can beat any other grow lights. Though there are many manufactures who claim to have top quality plasma grow lights, they are yet to prove its efficiency. Another point is the fact that the cost of plasma grow lights are more than $3000 dollars which makes people take a step back than taking the risk.

The electromagnetic induction works with the support of LEP (Light Emitting Plasma) bulbs which charges a quartz bulb which generates a solid state light source. These LEP bulbs closely duplicate the actual sunlight available to your plants in abundance by nature. When this power is given to the plants, you can only assume the results. Though you can use this grow light as your own, many people use this product as a support system rather than the main grow light.

When you are speaking theoretically, energy is being sent from an electromagnetic field to the system. This will create a spark that spreads to the chamber that will generate a plasma state to give a supporting system to the lights. From this emits UV radiation that delivers actual grow light to your plants which is visible to your eyes. However, you can see only 3% of the summed up light of what is delivered to your plants.

Now that you know how plasma grow lights work, get to know what makes the grow lights so special that is making many of the commercial growers to slowly take a turn towards plasma grow lights work.

  • Wide spectrum
  • Less energy
  • Less temperature
  • Cost

Wide spectrum: When you are looking for a perfect grow light, the one thing that bugs your brain is the spectrum. Without the spectrum, you just have plants in a pot in a grow room. While LED lights talk about full spectrum some spectrum always remains uncompromised. Plasma grow lights work in keeping together by providing full spectrum that meshes well with the wavelength of the plants so that you get awesome results right from the root stage of plants. This will save you the trouble of switching from one grow light to another.

Less energy: Growing indoors can be thrilling but it can also shoot up your energy bills if you are not careful. The cost of setting up the hydroponic system, providing ventilation, nutrients etc. can really add to your budget. With plasma as your grow light, you can really save up good amount of energy.

In fact, plasma grow lights can save upto 50% of your energy. Think of all the things that you can spend with this amount.

Less temperature: By now you very well know that the heat and intensity of the grow lights can really make an impact on the yields you derive. If you want good results, then make sure the grow lights you pick shed low temperature. Plasma grow lights give very low amount of heat that will save you additional equipment’s such as cooling system or vents that will take up good amount of space. The plasma grow lights come at a compact size which will enable you to move in and around the grow room without banging your head anywhere.

Cost: Hmm…now this is a point that scares everyone away. The cost of the grow light is very much on the expensive side which makes many gardeners opt for grow lights that come with a budget fit tag. Almost many of the plasma grow lights are more than a thousand dollars worth which will make people scratch their head before zeroing on it. But if you look at the above benefits that are offered by plasma lights you will realize that the product is actually worth it. For instance, the lifespan of this grow lights beats many other grow lights in the market making it an absolute investment.

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