1000w HPS Super Cool Lighting Package-Hydroponic Lighting System

This Hydroponic lighting system is designed for everyone who needs light. SuperCool Lumatek Lighting system is intelligent and digital lighting system insulated for light penetration, maximum control, peak efficiency and temperature regulation. It is professionally designed in such a way that two high performance fans bring cool air into the light tube and across the bulb make it air cooled. This will keep your plants under a safe temperature.


The SuperCool also features a Yo-Yo system making it easy to adjust the height level of the light to your plants. As the temperature and the light can be adjusted, it provides maximum photosynthesis ensuring zero plant stretch and greatest light penetration. This lighting system provides you to adjust your lights at 50%, 75%,100% and even more to 110% SuperLumens setting. Requires less electricity and maximizes yields.


  • 138 CFM axial Fan installed
  • Easy installation and hanging
  • Lummatek 1000w Dimmable Digital Ballast
  • 25 ½” by 6” diameter tempered glass reflector
  • 3 years warranty
  • Lifetime customer service.


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