12′ x 12′ Gorilla Grow Tent

The poles are made out of pure metal which are 5 times stronger than ordinary tents and contains interlocking frames to prevent the tent from falling off in your plants even in a heavy blow of wind. The durable flood pool withholds any water and prevents the inside from getting any water leaks. Another feature of your 12′ x 12′ gorilla grow tent infrared blocking roof which prevents light pass through the gorilla grow tent ensuring maximum coolness inside the tent.


Think of a Grow tent filled with rich, fresh and juicy vegetables, fruits or colorful flowers…Almost an unlimited space is what you get while ordering a 12′ x 12′ Gorilla Grow Tent. With this tent, your plants will grow upto 50% larger thus giving you more yields and you need not worry about enclosed space where it is difficult to move. The canvas of 12′ x 12′ Gorilla grow tent is prepared with great density of 1680D (denier) unlike the ordinary tents that are made out of 160D or 900D. More the density, more the protection against noise, light, etc. and with the help of top quality zippers, you need not worry about any bugs entering the tent and gulping away your plants.