12 plant hydroponic system

Super closet brings you a completely automated 12 plant hydroponic system that enables the plants to grow without any use of fertilizers. Here is how it works.



  • 12 plant hydroponic system has been taken to the next level known as superponic system which uses three technology known as top feed, deep water, bubble and aeroponics system.
  • In the 12 plant hydroponic system, oxygenated water is pumped up to the seeds to germinate in the cloning chamber as well as vegetable chamber to grow healthy plants.
  • does not need soil, fertilizers or any other traditional equipments and can grow plants only by water.
  • Super closet gives you pH nutrient kit or mineral rocks through which all the minerals can be passed to the plants.
  • The 12 plant hydroponic system helps in delivering fresh and crispy vegetables at a faster and easier rate almost 5x sooner than normal traditional methods
  • the best feature of 12 plant hydroponic system is you can grow anything in the hydroponic system ranging from vegetables to shrubs or herbs to flowers.
  • 12 plant hydroponic system can be ordered with water reservoir that can hold up 185 gallons of water.
  • Easy to set up features and comes with UV molded cups that are made out of food graded plastic.
  • Super closet comes with a 3 year warranty on their products and lifetime customer support.

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