2′ x 4′ Supercloset Gorilla grow tent

Supercloset Gorilla grow tent is the thickest anyone has ever seen with 9x density which means more durability, quieter and safer atmosphere inside with greater light proof. The 2′ x 4′ gorilla grow tent are made out of 100% metal and can be locked securely in an apt place. It also contains strong zippers, viewing windows etc. along with strong resistance to smell, light and other safety features.


Does a tent aid in growing plants? Yes. A product from Supercloset called Gorilla grow tent is possibly one of the durable tents available in the market. Gorilla grow tents can be easily adjusted that can be raised upto 9′ tall compared to other tents that are available only upto 6′. At this 9′ height, your plants will also raise their level of height with more yields. There is also an innovative feature called infrared blocking roof which is yet to receive the patent approval for keeping the inside temperature cool. The Gorilla grow tent from Supercloset weighs around 37lbs with a dimension of 48 x 24 x 83 inches.