2′ x 4′ SuperRoom system

The SuperRoom Grow room system also contains a trellis system to support the plants to grow towards the light. The trellis system also helps in creating equal space between plants for proper absorption of light and air. While ordering the 2′ x 4′ SuperRoom Hydroponic Grow Room system, you will also get a DVD with instructions on how to maintain the Hydroponic Grow Room Tent along with tips for growing the plants and ensuring enough durability of the product. You also get a three year warranty on all the internal parts of SuperCloset SuperRoom Hydroponic Grow Room System Tent.


SuperCloset brings you hydroponic 2′ x 4′ SuperRoom system gorilla tent for plant lovers who are in the beginning stage of growing pesticide-free plants. These Gorilla Grow tents provide the durability just like any other room. Superponic systems grow at 5 times faster rate than traditional hydroponic method. Supercloset 2′ x 4′ grow room tent packages come with carbon filters to eliminate odor, circulation fans to ensure proper airflow and prevent bug problems. The supercool lighting in the 2′ x 4′ SuperRoom system comes with its own fan to enable cooling for the lights and ensures minimum consumption of energy.


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