5′ x 5′ SuperRoom – Gorilla grow tent

The phresh carbon filters with the help of carbon charcoal filling clears off any unpleasant odors creating a neutral environment in the grow tent. Along with these features, there are internal circulation fans that ensures proper airflow for your plants just like natural breeze. The Eco series air pump in the 5′ x 5′ SuperRoom creates oxygen in the plant thus creating an environment friendly atmosphere inside the grow room. No need of fertilizers and pesticides anymore. With the help of Eco series water pump, your plants will never need any other support system for proper and healthy growth. The water pump works silently and can even be set at an automated timer so that even if you are out of the house, the plants will be watered without any monitoring.



No more waiting for your favorite plant or vegetable to grow. With the new 5′ x 5′ SuperRoom – Gorilla grow tent from Supercloset, you can grow any vegetables, fruits, shrubs, herbs of your choice at a faster rate which means more yields at a lesser time. The 5′ x 5′ SuperRoom comes is a gorilla grow tent with a superponic system which is a step higher than the usual hydroponic systems. This superponic system comes with more cloning chambers and vegetable chambers to increase your yields. The trellis system in 5′ x 5′ SuperRoom Gorilla grow tent is easily adjustable and enables the plants to grow towards the light with much needed support and space.