5′ x 5′ SuperRoom Gorilla indoor grow tent

You need not add any fertilizers or pesticides to the cloning chamber and works only with water and fresh air. The circulating fan inside creates a cool atmosphere just like natural garden and the trellis system helps the plants to navigate towards the light. The trellis system also helps in providing gap between each other so that the light is distributed correctly for enabling photosynthesis. 5′ x 5′ SuperRoom Gorilla indoor grow tent also contains powerful yet silent water pump that performs aptly by delivering water as and when needed. You can also set an automated timer to water your plants so that even if you are away from home, your plants will never stay without water. 5′ x 5′ Superroom Gorilla grow tent room is available in supercloset.com for $1999.95.


Change the way of traditional gardening with the new 5′ x 5′ SuperRoom Gorilla indoor grow tent which is basically a gorilla grow tent which can be heightened up to 9′ using the option of height extension kit. The benefit of using a SuperRoom Gorilla grow tent room would be that it can be easily moved and fixed at a particular destined place. The poles of Gorilla grow tent is made out of 100% metal and ensures solid balance and durability unlike normal products available in the market. It is made out of 1680 denier (density of fibers) which makes the tent three times thicker and also resistant to bugs, unpleasant odor and quieter environment than any other tents available today. The superponic system delivers unparalleled yields upto 5 times faster and bigger than traditional methods.