5′ x 9′ SuperRoom – Grow Room

There are glass reflector hoods that reverse back the light to the maximum to prevent the plants from stretching thus ensuring full growth of plants with good density and thickness. The phresh carbon filters in the gorilla grow tent of 5′ x 9′ SuperRoom – Grow Room makes sure that no pungent odors enters the room and maintains a fresh air throughout. With the help of adjustable trellis system, the plants will be able to navigate themselves towards the light thus giving themselves enough photosynthesis for developing. You can also tie, support the plants to the trellis system or adjust the spacing between the plants to ensure maximum air flow between the plants. You will get an instructional DVD with proper manual on how to ensure proper growth and a three year warranty on any of the internal parts.


5′ x 9′ SuperRoom – Grow Room is a gorilla grow tent that is currently one amongst the best superponic systems from Supercloset. The gorilla grow tent of 5′ x 9′ SuperRoom – Grow Room is highly adjustable with an option kit of further increasing them to 9′ that is one of the initiated product we have ever seen till now. The 5′ x 9′ SuperRoom – Grow Room contains supercool lighting with a fan to cool them off to create a cool environment inside.


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