Bamboo garden canes

Those who appreciate gardening will definite love bamboo garden canes which give your garden a professional and a definite look.

Bamboo garden canes can be shaped into anything such as fences, trellises etc. and with the help of some tools, you can definitely create the unimaginable. The canes are quite lightweight and can tolerate any season that gives utmost durability to this product.

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The bamboo garden canes come in different sizes such as 2 (3′ tall x 3/8” diameter), 4 Bamboo (5’10” tall x 3/4″ diameter), 6 Bamboo (7′ tall x 3/4″ diameter) and 8 Bamboo (5’10” tall x 1″ to 1-1/2″ diameter).

The bamboo garden canes create a picturesque view to your garden or a farm giving you a rich experience of greenery. The bamboo is known for its strong support, flexible structure and hence you can recreate into anything, for eg: a trellis to support your plants for growing graciously towards the light.

Bamboo garden canes is available in raisedbeds for a mere $22.95. While ordering from raisedbeds, you are also eligible for a FREE SHIPPING. You can order from two options bundle of 25 or bundle of 50.