Complete Grow Box systems

SuperCloset offers the most complete grow box systems for indoor gardening using hydroponics technology. SuperCloset grow boxes use the superponics technology. Which combines the best of hydroponic technologies to ensure perfect plant growth. These grow boxes and fully automated and fully assembled to ensure the ease of using the system.

What makes these Grow Boxes the complete system?
The grow boxes from SuperCloset are loaded with features. Every conceivable detail has been looked into while creating these systems. These single chambered grow boxes ensure the full development of the plants from seed to plant in a single system.



Some of the main features are:

  • The watering system can hold up to 10 gallons of nutrient rich water for plant growth
  • It has an efficient lighting system and can accommodate soil if necessary
  • The box can be locked for safety
  • All features needed for efficient plant growth like air-filters, nutrients and growing mediums are looked into
  • Grow boxes use less energy thus saving on electricity
  • They use Net Trellis to increase the yield of plants. Trellises ensure equal partition and spaces to ensure even light distribution and absorption for every plant
  • The system is perfectly cooled and the internal fan that is fitted ensures that air is circulated to every corner of the box
  • The watering system is designed to avoid leakages and constant clogging and cleaning. So the plants grow stronger and the system can maintain itself even if we are not at home for a few days
  • The grow boxes just have to be plugged and used