Elevated vegetable garden racks

Elevated vegetable garden racks are used:

  • In situations where you feel stressed and pain in the back, neck due to bending and kneeling
  • If you love gardening but don’t have enough spaces. Because this technique takes only less space. You can do this in your deck, balcony and yard.
  • If you love gardening but never tried of.

The first step to implement raised bed gardening is to prepare fertile soil.

  • Layer of pea gravel for drainage
  • Fertile soil with plant, food and water retention crystals already in it.
  • Some perlite for aeration
  • Some compost for nutrients

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Elevated garden beds are a type of raised bed gardening that eliminated the problem of kneeling and bending while planting. They are designed in such a way that it makes convenient to the gardener to harvest plants. Using this technique, you can grow plants and vegetables in elevated beds.

A garden rack is a DIY project that is easy to follow the plans and instructions. Elevated vegetable garden racks are the perfect bed garden plans that stands free, portable, low cost as compared to ground gardening. As they are 15 square feet high, you need not bend or face problems while gardening.