Farmstead raised garden beds

Let’s go framing the old fashioned way with the help of farmstead raised garden beds that were used back in the 17th century. The Farmstead raised beds are the old fashioned wooden panels stacked and interconnected to make a raised bed of any desired height.

Farmstead raised garden beds are a hit among many garden lovers who want to add a vintage touch to their garden. This product can be used by anyone ranging from freshers to experienced people. The timber of the raised beds can be placed even under 8” depth with an equal width of 8”.

The quality of the timber for farmstead raised garden bed is very strong and ensures durability. Even the pegs of the bed are made from black locust wood to prevent any rotting. The slots and pegs lock with each other like magnets and hence will not pull them apart easily and stay strong for long years.

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Features of Farmstead raised beds

It is available as a kit so there is no hassle getting it ready. Assembling is simple. The handcrafted wood can last for many years. Only the color would change.

No tools are required for its assembly and can be done within 5 minutes. Once assembled, the farmstead raised bed will not come apart as like the other raised beds. The wood is interlocked and is not nailed or screwed together.

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The base height is 8 inches above the ground. Other panels may stack over for 2-4 times. The height achievable is 16, 24, or 32 inches above the ground. The stacked wood is held together by the weight of the soil filled inside. The wood will not shift. But if necessary wooden bracket may also be used to hold it together, this may not be necessary always. Once connected, the inner dimensions would be 3” less than that in the outer.

Additional details

You can also order simple wooden fence posts or metal rebar that can be fixed easily in the corners for more stability and providing support to the plants. The farmstead raised bed can be placed on the lawn, sod or even the weedy patch. Once this bed is paced and filled with soil, the weeds will die off and become compost to nourish the plants.

Farmstead raised garden beds are hassle free and you won’t need any equipments to assemble these pieces into a beautiful raised bed. The wood of the farmstead raised garden bed do not contain any preservatives for wood and won’t rot easily even for a period of 30 years.

Farmstead raised garden beds are available in raisedbeds in nine different sizes at an affordable price. The available width is 2-4 feet and length varies from 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 foot. The white cedar wood would only change into grey color after years of use but will never be spoiled. Once bought Farmstead raised bed is one product that has more durability of any other raised beds.

This untreated Vermont cedar wood farmstead raised bed is a great addition to the garden that is being expanded. If you feel that you no longer need a higher garden, take apart the raised beds into individual raised beds with lower elevation to make more space for more plants. It is one way to make a bigger garden from the single one.

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Farmstead raised beds – FAQs:

Are Farmstead raised beds available in cedar wood?

Not every farmstead raised beds are made out of cedar but you are offered a variety to choose as per your preference. Cedar wood is most preferred because of its rot-resistant quality that speaks durability not to mention elegance to your garden. comes with farmstead raised beds that comes with hand-crafted Vermont white cedar from New England. They are made out of fresh cut cedar and takes less than 5 minute to assemble.

How does Farmstead raised garden beds work for me?

Not to mention growing healthy yields right under the sunlight, farmstead raised garden beds can be greatly accessorize your garden. User friendly product, it can be a perfect start for beginners who want to set their foot in the interesting world of gardening. Another feature of farmstead raised beds is you can grow similar category of different plants in a single raised beds without messing up your garden or looking for the perfect spot under a tree.

Are there any farmstead raised beds reviews available?

Yes, there have been many farmstead reviews beds and surprisingly majority of them have been positive. Many people have commended the way it can be attached with utmost ease. Few growers appreciated the customer service of raisedbeds for clarifying the questions.

What are the benefits of gardening in farmstead raised beds when compared to traditional row gardening?

Raised beds can be very beneficial once you click with it. For starters, you can grow twice the yields with the same space which will save you good economy. As you raise the level of soil closer to your hands, you need not have to bend down as harder as you used know which is best for elderly or those dealing with painful knees. Native soil comes with toxic chemicals that get mixed with soil (esp. those living in urban environment).

What are the best organic soil that can be used for farmstead raised beds?

First and foremost organic soil would be compost. If you get it from multiple sources, consider it the best and create a blend of health characteristics for your plants. You can also add worm casting which is one of the best way to churn the inside nutrients and minerals to the top of the soil. Other soil boosting foods include greensand, bat guano, kelp etc.

I live in Detroit. Can I avail of FREE SHIPPING while buying from raised beds? offers you FREE SHIPPING for almost all their products anywhere in USA.

Do you add any preservatives to the wood as I heard many raised beds manufacturers add preservatives.

Farmstead raised beds do not come with preservatives especially cedar raised beds are void of any preservatives. However, many of the products (raised beds) come with certain amount of preservatives to maintain the original lustre and inhibit easy wearing out.

What are the sizes available for farmstead raised beds?

Raised beds are available at various sizes depending on your preference. All you have to choose the best that suits your type before ordering.

How can I accessorize my garden with raised beds?

Let your creativity flow in the garden. You can raise a lot of flowers and herbs in a lot while you can grow vegetables and shrubs in another lot. Trim dry withered leaves and flowers and always water your plants proportionately and rightly. Don’t overdo your job as it might lead to fading away of plants.

Are trellising necessary for farmstead?

Trellising can benefit plants such as tomatoes, cucumber or other vines by giving them good support and heighten the plants during their growing stage. It will also keep pests and perky pets away from your plants.[/restab][/restabs]