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Hug greenery with the latest Raised bed Gated garden kit that will feed a family of four with its luscious plants and herbs.

The raised bed gated garden center is made from a red cedar at a dimension of 8” x 8” x 20” giving you a big space of 45 sq. feet for planting purposes. The raised bed gated garden kit includes beds, hinged gate, trellis, fenced wall and optional watering system.

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For those who are juggling between work ‘n’ home and still want to find time to pursue your passion of love for plants, this is one of the best options.

The bed can be dug upto 20” for planting purposes making it rich for any shrub to grow. Since the wood is made out of cedar, it ensures utmost durability making it resistant to rot. The fence of the raised bed gated garden center is about 32 inches and surrounds the entire raised bed gated garden center to protect from any animals entering the garden.

You also get a built-in trellis along with raised bed gated garden center for aiding the plants to grow vertically towards the light. The length of the trellis is around 5 feet 8 inches to support plants like vines, peas or beans.

You can also order an optional automatic watering system along with raised bed gated garden center which includes coil hose, hose holder and a vegetable sprayer to water your plants. Just attach the garden hose to the inlet or you can even connect it to the underground piping. Water comes out through the hose when the controller is turned on so that even if you are out of your home for a while, the watering system makes sure that the plants do not go thirsty.

Raised bed gated garden center is available at raisedbeds for $1,314.95 and you can also order automatic watering system for an additional $169.00. You will also get an extra 5% discount on the products of raisedbeds.