Gorilla grow box

Gorilla Grow Tent / Box best features of the fully automated grow system are:

  • The stronger tent poles of Gorilla Grow Box / Tent and no use of plastic make the gorilla tent unique
  • The multi watering system of Superponics of Gorilla Grow Box / Tent helps increase the yield considerably and failure in any of them will not affect the overall growth of the plants.
  • The high output fluorescent lighting of Gorilla Grow Box / Tent provides full spectrum light for efficient plant growth.

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Gorilla grow box is an indoor plant growing equipment that includes a hydroponic grow box covered by a Gorilla tent. A Gorilla tent is a grow tent made of thicker, stronger, and more durable material than other grow tents. The inner surface is coated for better and uniform light reflection. The tent has all the facilities for holding the light systems, air filtration, circulatory fans etc. The tent is strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds of weight. The height of the tent is also adjustable.

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Gorilla Grow Tent – A Hydroponics Grow Box

The Gorilla grow box may hold 8 -16 plants right from seedling stage to the fully grown plant. The use of gorilla tent enables the plant to grow as high as it usually grows outdoors. The light system also can be adjusted with the plant growth. The Gorilla grow box works on Superponics. The Superponics include deep water culture and top feed drip system. The root system is firm on the holding cup and the rock wools or the selected item. Since the nutrients are added into the water the nutrient level and the water pH must be monitored regularly.

Gorilla grow box is the ultimate breakthrough product from super closet that delivers you 5x stronger and denser yields than any other ordinary grow tents.

Super closet Gorilla grow box is a bit on the expensive side but if you want a genuine product which provides you higher yields at a faster rate without compromising on its quality, then you won’t find a more better product than Gorilla grow box.

Gorilla Grow Box – Why is it considered as the best grow box?

Gorilla Grow Tents are also known as Gorilla Grow box. Gorilla Grow Tent is the best grow box / tents in the market due to its durability and scalability. Gorilla Grow Tent comprise of hydroponic grow boxes covered by a 1680D threaded, reflective fabric which provides an indefectible growing environment. The ‘diamond’ reflective walls provide greater reflectivity and even lumen redistribution which allows plants to grow well. The adjustable height extension feature provided in the Gorilla grow box / tent allows the plant to grow taller and larger. The Gorilla grow box / tent frames are very stronger and provide unparalleled durability and security.

Gorilla grow box for sale – The Best Offers Online

Gorilla grow box / tent is available online with good offers and is the best grow tent. The best offers online for Gorilla Grow Box / Tent are at Amazon stores, gorillagrowtent.com and www.dealzer.com. Gorilla Grow Box / Tent, the World’s Best Grow Tents comes is different sizes like 3 X 3 Foot, 4 X 4 Foot, 10 X 10 Foot, 12 X 12 Foot, 4 X 8 Foot etc. The best offers online differs from product to product of Gorilla grow box / tent.[/restab]
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Some of the best features are:

  • A patent product, Gorilla grow tent / box has around 1680D (denier) that ranges up to 9 times more denser than any normal tents in the market.
  • The grow rooms are rip resistant, smell resistant and minimizes the outside noise so that the indoor grow room is peaceful and cool.
  • Unlike normal poles that are made our of fragile plastic or aluminum poles, the poles of the Gorilla grow tent / box are around 5x stronger that keeps the tent firm and strong even in rough weathers.
  • Gorilla grow box uses infrared blocking technology to keep the indoor temperature and the surface cool which results in green and healthy vegetables
  • Gorilla grow tent / box uses one of the biggest zippers in the market that prevents the grow room from bugs, termites etc. or from water in case of any flood.