Gorilla tent

The other features are:

  • The tent is zippered and can be opened from any side.
  • A small window may be opened to peep in to have a look at the growing plants without disturbing them. The net filter does not allow any insects to go in while opening this window.
  • The lighting system and the air filter facilities may be fixed on the top portion and the circulatory fans are easily fixed on the sides.
  • The top of the tent is closed tight and the whole system is easily set up than any other grow tents.
  • The reflective coating inside the tent provides uniform lighting all over the inside and all the plants get equal amount of light.
  • The floor of the tent is spill proof and any spilled water will be stored in the collecting space under.
  • The tent is height adjustable for extension, and the infrared material is safer and durable for a longer period.
  • There is also a tool pouch to keep all the gardening tools.


  • You can choose different sizes depending on how big you want an arena of plants. For example, there are 2′ x 2.5′ gorilla tent to 10′ x 10′ grow room. There are also 12′ x 12′ grow tents as well as 10′ x 20′ grow tent kits. So imagine the unimaginable.
  • Gorilla tent room come with a 1680D that is the thickest density available in the market. Normal tents come with a 200D to 300D density and loose fabric that tend to rip easily. This thick density of the gorilla tent allows the fabric to be rip resistant and leaking light in the grow room.
  • Gorilla tent comes with a strong flood pool that holds water and blocks any noise or foul odor to enter into the room.
  • The poles of the gorilla tent stand strong even in rough winds and temperatures to provide long life. Unlike normal tents that come with brittle plastic or aluminum poles, the gorilla tent poles can even be extended upto 2 feet, the result – more yields at a quicker rate. Super closet adds up extra 2-4 extra poles on the upper portion to make it strong and dominant in rough weathers.
  • The zippers of the super closet gorilla tent tend to be big i.e. available in the market. They securely lock your precious plants in the grow room so that the atmosphere inside is cool and free from bugs.

Grow tents are essential part of indoor plant growing. The main advantage is that it is portable and can be taken anywhere and set up easily. Gorilla tenets are the most advanced grow tents that are made of thicker material and there is absolutely no use of plastic so it is completely safe to use indoors. Even the poles are not made of plastic. The interlocking poles that hold the tent together is made of steel and coated to avoid rusting and is sturdy.

For garden lovers, gorilla tents are a place of paradise. Super Closet brings you gorilla tent to grow plants of your choice at an effective way without undergoing troubles of traditional farming. Here are some of the best features that comes while ordering a gorilla tent.