Grandma’s Secret Garden – Hydroponic Grow Box & Cabinets

Grandma’s Secret Garden Reviews

Grandma’s Secret Garden is as secretive and exciting as any grandma’s treasure box. Grandma’s Secret Garden is a luxurious grow box that is 3 foot tall and can fit in any room that is considered an average sized. Grandma’s Secret Garden is a hydroponics system where the water is the growing medium and the nutrients are added into the water and no soil is used.

Grandma’s Secret Garden is large enough to let 9 plants to grow inside conveniently. The system provides powerful bulbs for growing and flowering separately. The growing bulbs are more powerful than the flowering bulbs, because light is an essential component in growing plants and that too in the required amount. The bulbs are 6 each for the two stages of growth. The grow box can hold 9 growing plants and lengthy plants can also be grown since the plants tend to bend and can easily accommodate them.



Grandma’s Secret Garden, the best 9 plant grow box is best suited for any types of plants especially vegetables and the built-in features of the grow box makes it grow faster all year round. Grandma’s Secret Garden is the ideal grow box for beginners in hydroponic growing. It is a ready-to-use grow system with easy plug and play facility.  It can be accommodated anywhere in your house with its dimension of 36″ Tall X 24″ Wide X 13.5 “Deep. It also grows nearly 7 pounds of dried plant matter every year.

Grandma’s Secret Garden 2.0 – 9 Plant Grow Box

Grandma’s Secret Garden 2.0 is a deluxe 3 foot tall grow box to house total of 9 plants. It comes fully assembled that can grow any plant in the world. It is ready to use grow box that can be started as soon as you get it. Its design can simply fit in almost any room of your home including closets, bed rooms, or any other place. Grandma’s Secret Garden is quiet a large grow box that is ideal for people looking to grow up to 9 plants. The plants tend to bend within the box so with Grandma’s Secret Garden 2.0 you will be able to grow real tall plants. Grandma’s Secret Garden is an all in one grow system with several features as mentioned below:

  • Grandma’s Secret Garden uses a deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics system.
  • This grow box can be used to grow plants using soil as well. However, soil version will get you some different parts (IE soil pots). It depends on individual preference to grow plants in soil, but otherwise it is recommended growing hydroponically.
  • It is capable to grow up to 9 plants 3 ft tall and can grow 7 pounds of dried plant matter per year as well.
  • This grow box includes 2 sets of bulbs for your grow and flowering stage. It uses 125w grow and flower CFL bulb lighting with a reflector for added light output. This unit is capable to put out a lot of lumens to help grow your plants quickly and efficiently.
  • This hydroponic grow box comes with a 2 year supply of nutrients such as moon dust grow and flower nutrients.
  • It includes flourawing lighting system based on adjustable yo-yo system for you to easily raise and lower your grow lights.
  • The Grandma’s Secret Garden comes with 9 net pots and 9 starter plugs as well.
  • The airline and stone supports speedy and healthy plant growth
  • Timer included with this grows box works effectively to operate on your behalf when you are not around.
  • It includes ona block odor terminator to eliminate the worst odors. This odor controlling system is tried and tested to be true in working perfectly.
  • The DWC Hydroponics system comes with air pump and bubbler for utmost yields.
  • Grandma’s Secret Garden is self cooled with an intake area and powerful Dual 80mm exhaust fan installed. These powerful fans come with carbon filter protected outtake & intake area.
  • It is build to offer stealth features and is also delivered in stealth packaging. It will not have any issue related to light or scent leakages. Besides, the system works whisper quiet, and as an added security you can even lock your Grandma’s Secret Garden.
  • This is a Ready to use grow box that simply is to be plug and play. All you will have to do is to just fill up the basin with water and plant seeds or small plants right into the system.
  • The build in lockable latches offers safety and security and allow plant growth happening in isolation.
  • The included Co2 boost enhancer pumps carbon dioxide directly into your grow box while improving growth speed by 25%.
  • The included dual carbon filters eliminates odor completely offering additional odor control ability.
  • You can simply grow any kind of plant in this box. Mostly, plants will bend inside of the box which will just add to the space allotted to grow.
  • This hydroponic grow box is able to work great for both clones and mother plants.
  • It is an ideal unit for you to grow tomatoes and vegetables unbelievably faster all through the year.
  • The dimensions of Grandma’s Secret Garden are: 36″ Tall x 20″ Wide x 16.5″ Deep
  • It is reasonably priced for the benefits it offers by giving maximum yields. Moreover, during special promo offers you can avail free shipping also on this product.
  • This system is easy to use and maintain for beginners who will simply love growing plants in Grandma’s Secret Garden.
  • It comes with a written step wise instruction manual to guide you through the process.
  • Grandma’s Secret Garden comes with lifetime technical, phone and email support and a lifetime warranty.

The main features of the Grandma’s Secret Garden include

  • Deep Water Culture Hydroponics system – This is a system where the plants do not use soil as the media for growing; instead it grows in highly oxygenated nutrient solution. The roots can remain submerged in sufficiently oxygenated water indefinitely and hence the system is provided with a pump for watering and a bubbler for providing oxygen.
  • The 9 net pots and 9 grow cubes is an ideal grow box for any kind of plants especially vegetables. Grandma’s Secret Garden grows 9 plants and is provided with three and a half gallon reservoir.
  • Grandma’s Secret Garden is made of sturdy half inch MDF and is built to last with its quality, size, yield and security. It has enough space to grow 9 plants and produces more than 7 crops per year. It is also featured with highly secured lockable doors.
  • Grandma’s Secret Garden is well-equipped with 6 X 60W CFL grow bulbs which delivers 6500k of light during the vegetative stage of the plant’s life and 6 X 60W CFL flowering bulbs which delivers 2700k of light during the budding stage of the plant’s life. CFLs are efficient in providing energy-saving light.

The perfectly designed system for air movement, air filtration and odor control makes Grandma’s Secret Garden a good stealth hydroponic grow system. The plants thrive well and grow strong and healthy with the support of good air circulation. Heat inside the stealth box is controlled effectively by a high spec, 80mm PC fan for good plant growth. A high performance Marina 75 air pump provides oxygen for the deep water culture system.

Grandma’s secret garden grow cabinet

The other facilities of the Grandma’s Secret Garden are the exhaust fan that can control the air inside and the fans are fitted with carbon filters to control the odor inside the grow box. The hydroponics requires a pump for pumping water and a bubbler for keeping the water oxygenated.

The grow box is insulated and the light is efficiently kept inside and does not escape outside. The cabinet is spacious for the growing plants. The cabinet can be closed with the lockable latches. The cabinet is stylish and can décor any room that is placed in. It gives an impression of a wooden cabinet and no one will notice that it can be a grow box. It works silently without any noise and can be used in homes with small children. It is both safe and non pollutant.

The plants that grow inside this Grandma’s Secret Garden are hygienic and safe to use. It can be placed anywhere inside the house and can be used as a kitchen garden and placed where it is most convenient. The plants can be grown anytime of the year and need not be restricted to seasonal crops.

Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box Review

The review of Grandma’s Secret Garden is mostly the positive ones from the users. Its startling capacity to hold maximum of 9 plants 3 ft long is loved by almost all its users. Also, it is ready to use and easy to operate machine that is apt for someone new to gardening. According to some customer reviews, users were satisfied for the price they paid for the incredible results that Grandma’s Secret Garden grow cabinet offers, whereas, few users found it expensive. Let’s have a look at the reviews from some actual users.

One user just loved the box as it worked as per his requirement. The grow light offered to the plants seemed well, the fan worked as expected by maintaining the box cool enough and offering overall a stealth benefit.

Grandma’s Secret Garden Review from another user states that it is extremely easy to operate. In just a week time he had four plants growing. He is so amazed with the result because he is new to hydroponic plant growing technique and this system was a breeze to work with. With the included instruction guide plus the company phone and e-mail support were of great help. Even for beginners or someone new to hydroponics found Grandma’s Secret Garden super easy to use. The growing process is simple and the box is perfect for any new growers.

Many users found Grandma’s Secret Garden is of top quality that works without creating any problem. Also, the unlimited technical, phone, e-mail and customer support is prompt and honest enough to tackle and solve all users’ problems, if any.

Few downside reviews of Grandma’s Secret Garden are only the price. Some people found it too expensive but with the included components that makes it a fully assembled system will cost you a fair price.

What is grandma’s secret garden

Grandma’s Secret garden is a Stealth grow box which is small , concealed and yet powerful to grow 4 plants to its best ability. You can grow up to 4 plants in a restricted, limited space and control the plants the way you like.

Why the grandma’s secret garden 3.0

When you have limited space there are lots of problems. You also need a system which will be concealed and dont want people to know what you are growing or may be you want to protect the plant entirely from the harsh environment outside. The grandma’s Secret garden 3.0 is just apt for such situations.

Are there any reviews on grandma’s secret garden 3.0?

The Grandma’s secret garden 3.0 Reviews can be read from the official website. The reviews are great considering the price. The price may be a bit too high for a small system like the Grandma’s secret garden 3.0 but then the system is efficient and that can be seen from the range of reviews from experts.

Tips for grandma’s secret garden yield?

The yield is different from plant to plant and system to system. With such a small system, you could grow 4-6 plants at a time and looking at yield is not an option. In most cases this is a perfect system for a single owner.

What is grandma’s secret garden 2.0?

The predecessor of the Grandmas secret garden 3.0 is not much different. the small tweaks and the small accessory changes has not made a great difference in the price but a good notable difference in the performance. The Grandma’s secret garden 2.0 has been discontinued now.

Can you guarantee that I can grow plants totally discreet in this grandma’s secret garden 3.0 grow box?

Yes, not just grandma’s secret garden 3.0 grow box but each and every product of grandma’s secret garden comes with stealth facility without anyone knowing what you are growing inside the tent. The grow room does not leak any light or scent and functions absolutely silent yet powerful. You even get a lock and key facility to keep away nosy neighbors from taking a sneak into your cabinet. With the odor filtration, no bloodhound can detect what’s growing inside.

How are the reviews about grandma’s secret garden grow box 3.0 and do growers get good yields?

Growers have all positive words to say about grandma’s secret garden 3.0 in their reviews. Many growers have benefited from the product and claim happy harvest after each cycle without any low quality yields. Of course, it is not just always about the product and an efficient grower needs to stay vigilant and take good care of his/her plants by feeding the right nutrients, changing the reservoir once every two weeks etc. and more. That, my friend, is the key to getting rich herbage.

Is grandma’s secret garden 3.0 better than grandma’s secret garden 2.0 cabinet?

Both products are from the same brand except a few differences here and there. The size of the cabinet remains the same except for certain features have been added in the new grandma’s secret garden 3.0 such as 125w CFL grow and flowering bulb, yo-yo lighting system for easy adjust of grow lights etc. and more. Other features such as lifetime warranty, helpful customer service remains the same without any major change and give you best benefits in the years to come.

Are grandma’s secret garden cabinet available in UK?

Yes, grandma’s secret garden cabinet is available in countries such as UK and many websites such as provide grow box at a discounted price.

What are the key features of grandma secret garden 9 plant grow box?

If you are planning to grow 9 plants at your own home, then grandma’s secret garden 9 plant grow box is best advised for you. This 9 planter uses DWC (Deep water culture) hydroponics system for growing. A highly efficient product, grandma’s secret garden 9 plant grow box uses 125w CFL grow bulbs that.

Does grandma’s secret garden consume good amount of electricity?

The grow box has been designed in such a way to consume only less electricity. In fact, it consumes less than a mini fridge. You will notice only a slight change in your energy bills. Another feature of grandma’s secret garden is the heat output that is extremely low. This is because of the CFL bulbs and the air flow system that keeps the grow room absolutely cool.