Grow tents 10×20

Here are some of the eminent features of grow tents:

  • Grow tents 10×20 come with a patent adjustable extension kit that will help you to increase the height of your grow tents from 7′ to 9′ tall.
  • Grow tents come in 1680D unlike other tents that come in 190D – 600D thin. The benefit of 1680D is the tent doesn’t rip easily, prevents light and noise or unwanted odors from entering the green room. It also helps in preventing mishaps such as flooding.
  • The poles of the grow tents 10×20 stand sturdy and durable and hold water during any flood. Unlike poorly manufactured products in the market that are made out of plastic, aluminum or even thin steel, the poles of grow tent 10×20 stay strong so that even the biggest blow won’t be able to shake the foundation of your grow room.
  • Grow tents 10×20 has been tested upon and can actually hold 300 lbs of weight.

With the grow tents 10×20 by Super closet at your home, the idea of healthy plantation would never be the same.



Grow tents from Super closet work best for people who have limited space but still don’t want to let go of their passion for gardening. It is also suited for small farmers who want more yields at a quicker rate without looking for traditional methods.

With the grow tents from super closet, you can definitely be sure that your plants will be healthy that too without any use of traditional methods such as soil, fertilizers or pesticides.

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