Maximum yield Grow Boxes

SuperCloset has introduced a wide range of products for all gardening enthusiasts with limited space or for those who want to grow plants indoors. They have implemented the latest technology to improve on the products and make it more efficient and ensure maximum yields.

Grow boxes are intended for both beginners and experienced people. You need not worry about the right kind of soil, fertilizers or pesticides when you own a grow box. That's right. With the right grow box at a single click, you can negate all your worries that come with growing healthy plants.




Supercloset brings you grow boxes that will help you get maximum yields without compromising on your health and quality of plants. The grow box comes with a variety of sizes and shapes that is compact enough to fit in any place of your home, be it flat or a villa. You can chose the one you want and fix it correctly in any place, be it kitchen, bedroom or balcony.

Use of grow boxes eliminates the idea of using soil, fertilizers, pesticides etc. With grow boxes you can grow anything ranging from vegetables, fruits or herbs and get unlimited yields.

Grow Box Features:

Grow boxes are ideal for indoor gardening. Every single detail for growing plants efficiently has been looked into. All the user has to do after buying these grow boxes is to follow a few simple instructions and enjoy maximum yields for a professional look garden. I. The few steps that have to be followed are,

  • refresh the reservoir every 1-2 weeks
  • add the nutrients that are supplied with the system
  • adjust the pH and then watch the plants grow and enjoy the results of stress free gardening.

Some of the main features of SuperCloset grow boxes are to ensure maximum yield are,

  • the superponics system to grow the plants grow 5 times faster and bigger
  • they have a full spectrum lighting system for complete light control and maximum penetration
  • activated carbon scrubbers for air filtration in your grow box
  • internal circulation fan for perfect air distribution to all corners
  • panels which are anti-mold, reflective, removable and adjustable.
  • The new feature LED spectrum reduces the electricity costs and ensures better growth and penetration of light

Overall, growing plants in grow boxes can be fun if you take it in the right spirit. The grow boxes from Supercloset come with patent pending superponic system that works wonders for your plants by giving them the right nutrients and the right supply of water as and when needed with the help of automated timer. They are costly but then all the quality grow boxes come with the correct price that is worth a pay. Many people claim that they tend to live far away from the office of Supercloset and this often impacts their delivery as some find missing instructional DVD or nutrient kit. Now this is upto the customer service of Supercloset to fix the problem correctly but on the user part it is better you clarify any queries with the customer support available.