Super box grow box

Here’s the new Super Box Grow Box from Super closet that gives you automated superponic system which will grow plants 5 times at a faster and bigger rate than any other ordinary grow systems.

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Let’s have a look at some of the unique features of the Super Box Grow Box:

  • the cabinet is 18 gauge steel cabinet that is powder coated to prevent rust, air flow etc. that remains faithful to you for long years.
  • contains carbon scrubber that filters the air inside and prevents any bad odor from entering into the grow box
  • the flowering chamber can hold up to 8 plants that grows veggies at a bigger and faster rate which means crispy and fresh green vegetables without any chemicals
  • Super Box Grow Box uses only water that is oxygenated with the help of air pump and does not use any harmful pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Contains digital thermometer that provides an ideal climate inside your grow room at all seasons. You can set them in degrees or fahreinheits as per your choice.
  • the internal circulation fan is to maximize airflow and recreate the wind that is normally done by natural wind in your garden.
  • You can set automated timer to water your plants in the Super Box Grow Box. This means even if you are away, your plants won’t go thirsty.
  • Super Box Grow Box comes with a complimentary DVD that helps you in proper guiding of growing richer and healthier plants using Super closet products.

Super Box Grow Box comes with a three year warranty and a lifetime customer support on all your queries about healthy grow plants.