Super grow closet

For those who are wanting to grow plants indoors, here's super grow closet that helps you materialize that dream. Super grow closet uses superponic system that helps you to grow plants of your choice at a faster pace without using any hazardous chemicals or pesticides. You need not even use soil unlike traditional methods of farming. The Super grow closet proudly stands with its powder coated steel gauge that can withstand any seasons, rust or any factors that may hinder its durability.

As it says in the name, these grow closets are quite compact and easily fit any place such as kitchen, bedroom etc. especially for people who are having limited space constraints such as in flat/apartment. Grow closets use only watering methods thus delivering you bigger, faster yields at a rapid rate.



Sudden was the impact of hydroponic system and grow closets in the world of gardening. Here’s Super grow closet from Supercloset that helps you to get better yields not by quantity but by size too.

Gardening is an ever green hobby. With the rise of technology came the hydroponic method which helps you to grow plants and vegetables using only soil, negating the idea of soil usage not to mention fertilizers that are harmful for your plants. The patent pending superponic system from Supercloset comes at a cool steel cabinet that stands 18 gauge strong which is both durable and light weight. Superponic method in Super grow closet uses all the four watering methods such as ebb n flow, aeroponics, deep water and bubble which delivers water to your roots thereby helping in efficient growth of your plants. Super grow closet also comes with rockwool cubes to help the “stubborn seeds” to grow and ease their germination.

Super grow closet from Supercloset arrives with three circulation fan that helps in controlling the internal temperature as well as levelling the CO2 pressure inside which is essential for your plants to grow healthy and deliver some of the best yields all year through. These circulation fans work silently in doing their duty without making noise unlike many 6 inch blower fans available in the market.

Super grow closet comes with a three year warranty apart from its instructional DVD that contains fantastic ideas to get more yields and healthy tips for deriving nutritious plants. Here are some of the features of your super grow closet.

  • Contains the next generation of hydroponic known as superponic system
  • Solid steel gauge with lock and key so that your plants are secure from the pretty little hands that tend to be fidgety
  • super grow closet comes with a reservoir that can hold upto 15 gallons of water
  • contains circulating fan that recreates the normal breeze and maximizes the air flow helping your plants to breathe easily
  • while ordering Super grow closet, you can order pH nutrient kit, mineral rocks that can help your seeds in the cloning chamber to germinate easily.
  • Net trellis of super grow closet provides an aid to your plants by giving them the much needed support as well as helping them to grow towards the light
  • can grow anything with Super grow closet from fruits to herbs or vegetables to flowers

Super grow closet has received many reviews from actual users who deliver actual answers on their product. A general consensus state that the Super grow closet really works and forms a perfect product for their gardening purposes as their trouble of having to deal with various equipments such as shovel, soil and other traditional methods are absolutely to be done with. Another group review that Super grow closet may be the best one in the market, but the customer service is something that needs to be worked on and it is best if they check the product twice before sending out to the customers as some reported additional items missing. This is probably because some of the users stay very far from the Supercloset company. Though this is not an excuse, it is something that should be though through Supercloset.

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