Super Locker 3.0 – 8 Plant Vertical Grow Box


  • Lighting System is the most important part for a grow box. In the Super Locker 3.0 the lighting is different for both the chambers. The cloning chamber needs less light so it is provided with 24w fluorescent bulb. The flowering chamber has a full spectrum sunlight supply lighting system that has 150w power. The lighting system can be adjusted according to the height of the plants.
  • Water system is the integral part of hydroponics and Super Locker has 185 GPH pump that is connected to the timer for pumping at the required time and duration.
  • Air circulation- With the help of silent but efficient air pump that does not need any oiling or grease a constant supply of oxygen is pumped into the system. The adjustable internal circulation fan blows out a gentle breeze everywhere inside the box.
  • The industrial carbon filter clears any foul smell inside and keeps the air fresh and odor-free.
  • The analog timer is able to control all the lighting, watering and airing or fanning features. The system is shock proof as well.

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Super Locker 3.0 is a two chambered vertical grow box. This is slender in look and can grow vegetation plants as well as flowering plants at the same time. One chamber for seedling, cloning or mother plants and the other is for the flowering plants. Both the chambers can hold 8 plants. Though there is enough space for 8 flowering plants to grow it is advisable to stick to 4 plants for better growth and nourishment. This is a hydroponics grow box and works efficiently to keep up with all the benefits of hydroponics.

The Super Locker 3.0 of Supercloset looks like any ordinary cabinet but is in fact one of the powerful growing machines you will see in recent times. You can easily accommodate in any place, home or office, kitchen, bedroom or garage. Super Locker 3.0 comes with a lock and key that will help in keeping little hands or uninvited mold or dust from entering into your cabinet. The most famous hydroponics system in Super Locker 3.0 helps in keeping the hydrated at all seasons and with automated timer to water your plants, you have got yourself a gardener 24/7.

Not pushing further, let’s have a look at some of the features of Super Locker 3.0 from Super closet.

  • The digital TDS meter will show that whether the water is suitable for plant growth or not and how much quantity of nutrients are to be added to make it suitable for the desired plant growth.
  • The trellises give a better yield since it is movable and can be adjusted as the plants grow and this can help avoid crowding.
  • The package also includes pH control kit, digital thermometer and nutrient kit also.
  • charges only 20% less energy than other grow cabinets in the market
  • includes air pump and water pump that helps in providing oxygenated water to the roots so that your veggies and fruits grow healthy, rich and crisp
  • circulation fans that are adjustable and provide proper circulation of oxygen and CO2 for your plants to grow
  • water reservoir that can hold upto 10 gallons

Overall, Super Locker 3.0 is beneficial for both beginners and experts likewise and can really give you good yields provided you follow the instructions and tips in the DVD that comes with your grow cabinet. For instance, make sure you change the reservoir every 1 to 2 weeks to keep the nutrients and water fresh.

Here are some of the reviews received from actual users of Superlocker 3.0:

Review No.1: “I’m a fresher when it comes to growing, but I am happy that fullbloom has my back. Honestly, it’s reassuring to know that Supercloset are there to answer any question throughout the entire growing process.” – Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2011

Review No.2: “This is one of the best grow boxes I’ve ever used and frankly it actually beats the DIY grow cabinet which often leaks bad odor and light. All the features are awesome and I am totally satisfied.” Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2011

Review No.3: This rockwool cubes actually rocks! I had never used soil before buying this stuff. Some of the clones took root and I was surprised when I opened the box to check two days later. The growth rate is vigorously high and it has really cut down my grow cycle from 6 weeks to just 4. It doesn’t get better than this”. – Posted by anonymous on 28th Nov 2011

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