Supercloset 5×5 Buddha Box 400w Hydroponic Grow Tent System

Supercloset Buddha Box is a hydroponic system which combines the technologies of vertical growing and Superponics. The 5’ x 5’ Buddha box is a vertical grow room setup which enables the users to quadruple the rate of growth of the plants per watts per square foot compared to any traditional method. This structure makes room just by taking the plants from the floor to the walls which provides more room for inclusion of plants.

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There is a large shift from regular closets to these vertical closets which can provide more yields. The Supercloset Buddha Box can include up to 60 plants, though the yield time is the same as traditional system the yield volume is large compared to the available space.
The system contains a Height Adjusting Gorilla Grow Tent with increased weight capacity which can handle up to 100 pounds. The structure is made up of sturdy aluminum framework which helps against the rusting of the structure.