Superponics 8 Plant System

  • The Superponics uses automated top feed by dripping the nutrient water over the root system, deep water culture where the root system can grow deep in the container, bubble and aeroponics where the nutrient rich water is bubbled up and reached the top of the root system and bursts the bubbles providing a mist of nutrient in the air around the roots.
  • The root system of the growing plants is in constant touch with the nutrients helping in faster growth. Any problem with one technique will not affect the plants at all.
  • 8 2” net cups are provided to hold the pants and rock wools or clay rocks for the root support.
  • Water and air pumps for nutrition and oxygenation also comes with the package, and a timer for timely watering of plants.


The latest technology of indoor planting is to use hydroponics where the nutrients are transported to the plants through water and the same water can be used again and again when the nutrients are run out of by adding more nutrients. There are many types of hydroponics techniques. Superponics is the incorporation of two or more hydroponics techniques into a single planting system. The use of many techniques is a way of ensuring proper nutrition of the growing plants and helping in faster growth when compared to plants growing in only single hydroponic technology. The 8 plant system of Superponics can hold 8 plants at a time from a younger stage till it is fully grown.

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