Trinity 3.0

Super closet brings you Trinity 3.0 that is ideal for any home or office that are dealing with space constraints but still can’t resist the love for gardening.

The Trinity 3.0 are filled with one-of-a-kind features that helps you to get more yields at a faster and quicker rate without use of traditional methods such as soil, fertilizers or pesticides. The trinity 3.0 looks like just an ordinary cabinet but in fact contains inside one of the most powerful tool known as hydroponic system.



With the Trinity 3.0 at your home, you can grow almost anything ranging from flowers to vegetables. Let’s have a look at other prominent features.

  • the cabinet of the trinity 3.0 is made out of 18 gauge steel which is powder coated for durability and resistance against rust and other seasonal factors
  • Contains the next generation of hydroponic system known as superponic which can hold many clones for easy germination.
  • The cups of superponic system is made out of UV food grade plastic and doesnt contain any harmful chemicals
  • Trinity 3.0 will give you yields almost 5 times more at a faster and easier way unlike traditional methods
  • the net trellis system helps the plants to grow towards the light and gives ample support and enough space for your plants and vegetables to breathe easily.
  • Trinity 3.0 works efficiently by saving upto 20% less energy than other indoor cabinet systems.
  • The circulation fan inside provides maximizes airflow between the plants and remake the wind of your garden.
  • You get a DVD that contains all the instructions/tips on how to get crispy and crunchy veggies with Trinity 3.0