Trinity grow closet

Super closet brings trinity grow closet which is a blessing for garden lovers who want to grow plants indoors at a faster rate.

Trinity grow closet from super closet comes with a three year warranty on their products and also give away a complimentary DVD which provides step by step instructions and tips on how to get healthier yields.



Trinity grow closet comes with some of the most distinctive and potent features that will help you to grow plants at a quicker rate and will deliver more yields. Let’s have a look at some of the most promising features:

  • excellent superponic system that uses deep water culture, top feed, bubble & aeroponic methods that gives you denser and thicker nutritious vegetables rich of minerals
  • uses net screen trellis that is utilized by the plants for both healthy support upto 30% larger & higher yields and providing enough space between both plants
  • trinity grow closet contains four corner circulation fan to maximize the airflow and to recreate the wind just like in the garden.
  • Contains air pump & water pump – while the air pump delivers oxygen to the water, the water pump can deliver upto 185 gallon per hour so that your plants never go thirsty.
  • Trinity grow closet comes with an automated timer that helps in delivering your plants with oxygenated water even when you are away.
  • No use of soil, fertilizers or pesticides which are one of the best parts of owning trinity grow closet.
  • Rock wool cubes or clay grow tocks that are used in the germinating state to ensure healthy vegetation.