Mini Mortgage Lifter 3.0 – 20 Plant Hydroponics Grow Tent

The fully automated Superroom from Supercloset is a perfect setup design by professionals. With the perfect professional grow room at your home, you can grow plants 5x faster than other grow tents. Read on to know more about it.

The complete grow kit called the Superroom is fully automated that really eases down your job to a great extent. Simply plug in and you are ready to grow. This grow room automation system comes in a 9′ x 9′ dimension which is by far the biggest and the meanest grow room you can see. Some of the features of this fully automated Superroom are mentioned hereunder.

Grow tent:

The key feature of the grow room automation system is its strength that lies in its fabric and the poles. The fabric of the grow tent comes with 1680D that is three times thicker which is by far the best you will have seen in the market. Normal tents come with a very low quality that tend to wear out easily over a period of time. The fabric of the gorilla grow tent is light/sound/odor proof which means none of the external elements can enter the tent in any situation. This works both ways as the there will be no light leakage from the interior of the grow tent to outside which can hinder the growth of the tent. The gorilla grow tent is double stitched and can be insulated easily which makes it resistant to bugs or molds making the internal climate absolutely calm, cool and serene at all times.

Now comes the poles in the professional grow room setup design that is the backbone of the grow room automation system. The poles are made out of 100% absolute metal that makes sure that the gorilla grow tent stands strong and sturdy so that even the Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tales cannot tear it down. The poles have been tested and verified to withstand around 300 lbs. Unlike many flimsy grow tents in the market that are usually made out of low quality plastic or aluminum and tend to snap easily even when a little weight is added, the Superroom stands with pride easily. The poles of the grow room automation system makes it easier to grow much more plants without you having to worry if you will tear it down.

Hydroponics system

For ultimate growing environment, the fully automated Superroom comes with hydroponic superponic system that grows plants at a faster rate than any other systems in the market. Supercloset has introduced in the professional grow room setup design, the patent pending combination such as top feed and deep water culture OR bubbleflow that comes with upwelling water circulation OR aeroponics system that comes with a non-clogging function so as to deliver better yields at a faster rate than normal hydroponic system. As they are fully automated, you need not worry about installing the whole system. Since this grow room automation system works on multiple superponic system, even if any one of the methods fail, your plants can still thrive.

Lighting and Fan

This is another feature of the professional grow room setup design. The grow room automation system uses supercool lighting that comes with closed loop air cooling that controls the heat of the light. They are individually cooled with their own set of fans which will help in maintaining a cool environment. Though each grow light are of 400K, you cannot even feel the heat when you touch them as the internal fixated fans are doing their job. They come with a Yo-Yo system through which you can easily adjust the height of the lighting system as and when your plant grows. Supercloset Superroom uses Lumatek ballast lighting that can be adjusted easily. This will not only maximize your yields by triggering proper photosynthesis but also lessens the energy bills. The ballasts also help in preventing any overload to your grow lights which increases the durability.

To inhibit odor pollution, Supercloset grow room automation system uses RC 48 virgin activated carbon filter that releases the odor from the system. This will provide a clean crisp air whenever you enter the grow tent.

For recreating the breeze outside, Supercloset fully automated superroom with its professional grow room setup design comes with internal circulation fan. These fans work silently and also eliminates any mold or potential bug problems that try to grow on your tent. You will also get Hurricane Inline Fans made out of solid steel that works quietly but performs strongly.

Net trellis

The backbone of the plants are not just the superponic system but also the net trellis that provide apt support to your plants. They can be easily adjusted as per plant’s growing condition which enables them to reach towards the light.

Water pump and air pump

The Eco series water pump and air pump are reticent but are invincible. While the water pump silently provides nutrient filled water to the hydroponic system, the air pump delivers oxygen so that the plants get energized in delivering larger and greener yields.

Other benefits

Along with professional grow room setup design in this grow room automation system, you get a flood pool that can hold up to 100 gallons of water in case of any water leakage. As the complete grow tent is an electronic device, the flood pool can really prevent any electronic damage.

You will also get an additional thermometer or hygrometer which can read the internal and external temperatures as well as the humdiity. With the help of speedster, you can adjust the temperatures such as lighting, wind etc. inside the gorilla grow tent as per the changing seasons.

The nutrient kit, instructional DVD, PH kits, shockbusters are some of the plus points that comes with buying the grow room automation system. Apart from this, supercloset also gives a 24/7 lifetime support for any technical or customer service you need for the Superroom.

Bottomline, the grow room automation system from Supercloset works best for both newbie and experienced equally. Though it tends to be a bit on the expensive side than its competitors, in this professional grow room setup design, the quality and the results are far better which includes very less energy bills (almost 20-50%). So stop worrying and start growing.