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Raised garden beds are perfect for kitchen gardens. Keep the veggie plants and small flower pots in the garden box and weeds can be eliminated from the garden soil. It also prevents soil compaction and the soil drainage is intact. It keeps the soil inside the bed even during heavy rains. The greatest effort in building a raised bed garden is to have the best corners to keep it secured. The corners offered by raised beds.com are made of aluminium that are durable and are easily fixed without consuming much time. It can be of any height or length, comes from 6-24 inches long. They are stackable and are useful if a higher bed is required. The types of corners offered are,

Artisan Raised Bed corner: This type of raised bed corner is decorated with beautiful embellishments. It is sure proven an eye-catcher in any garden. These decorated corners do secure the corners of the bed and also gives a vision to look at. Rather than a simple looking garden bed it gives an impression of a stylish decorative piece in a garden. The designs are fiddle-head or of a dragonfly which are apt for a garden. The pointed end can be inserted into the soil so that different height lumbers can be accommodated.

Aquacorner Raised Bed Corner Set: An aqua corner is very important for a healthy productive raised bed garden. It works with the connected hose to the bottom part of the corner where there is a port for it. The water travels along the column up through the internal plumbing and when the valve at the top is turned the water flows into the bed through the soaker hose. Only one corner has the water inlet and the other three are regular. They are easily secured with the screws provided.

Stackable Corner Joint: It is made of ABS recyclable plastic lighter than aluminum corners and is easy to stack up to form multi level raised beds. It comes as a set of two.

Tall Raised Bed Corner: The height is just right for deep raised beds. It is made of steel and is suitable for all shaped beds. It is easy to install and comes in many attractive designs.

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