4X4 Elevated Cedar Raised Bed

Raised Garden beds Cedar vs Redwood: Pros and Cons

Raised garden beds have to be made with durable wood like Cedar or Redwood which are most commonly used and each has its own pros and cons. Raised beds are very useful when you have unfriendly soil and other unfavorable conditions for plant growth. These beds using cedar or redwood provide lots of drainage and protection from pests.

Redwood garden beds- Pros and Cons


Redwood is one of the most beautiful woods available and it has many uses when used in raised garden beds. Redwood has a rich, red color that would bring additional color to your garden, the weather resistance and durability of redwood are added bonuses. It does not shrink easily with age, decay, turn brittle or crack. Redwood can retain moisture when used in raised garden beds. Redwood can resist insects and UV rays. It is less expensive than many other types food and easier to maintain. Redwood has a cell structure that has many air pockets. This provides insulation and they thrive well in moisture. They are slow to burn.


Garden beds made from redwood sometimes become soft and become prone. Redwood needs stainless steel fasteners. Some of the premium quality redwood is quite costly.

Cedar Raised garden beds- Pros and cons


Cedar is lightweight and easy to use in the construction of raised garden beds. The cedar fibers contain natural oils that act as natural preservatives making it resistant to rot and decay. They are mild pesticides which shoo away insects. Cedar has lower rates of heat absorption, are resistant to the effects of moisture and humidity. Since the cedar wood does not absorb much moisture, they can be used easily for the construction of garden beds. They can last for 15 to 20 years. Cedar wood does not shrink in time.


Some varieties of cedar wood available may be costly. Being rather soft, you should be careful not to dent the cedar beds. All types of cedar wood is not the same and you may get some that are not proper for use as garden beds.

Raised garden beds using cedar have fewer cons than redwood  though redwood looks better and has many advantages.